Evan Moore Aka SuperEvan Twitch Age, Net Worth And Instagram

Who is SuperEvan Twitch? Meet Evan Moore On Instagram

Who is SuperEvan Twitch? Meet Evan Moore On Instagram

Evan Moore aka SuperEvan on Twitch is a Call of Duty Warzone pro. What is his age and net worth? Let us know more.

Evan is a gaming streamer on Twitch. He currently creates content for XSET Gaming and his YouTube.

Evan Moore Aka SuperEvan on Twitch

Evan Moore is SuperEvan on Twitch.

SuperEvan is a Call of Duty player. He joined XSET Gaming earlier in May 2021. Evan is a Warzone star.

The streamer has over 141 thousand followers on his Twitch account. Also, he has generated total views of over 2.2 million. Similarly, he has streamed for nearly 53 hundred hours on the platform.

Apart from Call of Duty, he occasionally streams a variety of other popular games. Some of them are Fortnite, Among Us, and Minecraft.

However, the viewers he gains in these games are meager compared to the viewers during Call of Duty.

Evan is currently competing at HusKerrs Howl tournament series. He will face DiazBiffle on the Grand Finale on June 2.

SuperEvan Age and Height

Evan Moore SuperEvan’s age is 23 years old.

He was born in the United States. The streamer has his birthday celebration on the 1st of March each year.

SuperEvan’s height and body details are still to be discovered.

He was raised in a Christian family. He has a brother named Levi Moore. But he has not revealed much about his childhood and parents. 

SuperEvan Net Worth and Wikipedia

SuperEvan is yet to have a Wikipedia bio of his own.

He must have a huge net worth being a popular gaming streamer. 

Evan will bag a prize of $200 thousand in total if he wins the HusKerrs Howl tournament. The Grand Final brawl has a price tag of $100 thousand.

Also, he won $13k at Nadeshot $100k Invitational. Similarly, he bagged $4500 at Twitch Rivals Warzone Season 3 Showdown NA.

Evan also has a YouTube channel where he talks about his gameplay. He has over 19k subscribers there.

His Girlfriend: Meet Him on Instagram

SuperEvan has not revealed his girlfriend yet.

He has never talked about his love life during his streams.

Also, Evan is on Instagram as @therealsuperevan.

He boasts over 5.1 thousand followers on the platform.

Similarly, he mentions BunkerBoy’s death in his posts.

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