Evelyn Sakash Net Worth, Missing And Husband: Cause Of Death Revealed

Evelyn Sakash Cause Of Death Revealed: Was she missing?

Evelyn Sakash Cause Of Death Revealed: Was she missing?

After being found dead in her house, the fans of Evelyn Sakash are curious about the details of her work and net worth. Stay with the article to find out more about Evelyn.

Evelyn Sakash was a production designer, set decorator, and art director who won the Daytime Emmy for Between the Lions in 1999.

Sakash worked for more than 25 years in many movies and TV shows such as Law & Order, Allegra’s Window, Taxi, Still Alive, Made in America, among others,

Sakash went missing in September 2020 and was found dead in her house on March 30, 2021, six months later. Evelyn was also known to be a hoarder and lived in College Point, Queens, New York.

Evelyn Sakash Net Worth And Husband

Sakash’s net worth shines in a million dollars.

She has gained astonishing earnings from her career over decades.

Evelyn Sakash has kept her husband details private.

She might have children, but their identity is still off the radar.

One can read about Evelyn’s bio on a couple of Wiki-bio pages.

Evelyn Sakash Missing Details 

Evelyn Sakash was reported missing in September 2020.

A GoFundMe page was set up after Sakash went missing to help find her.

Evelyn was 66 years during the time of her death. Sakash is called kind, generous, loving, and friendly by her friends, reports Hollywood Reporter.

Many of Sakash’s friends, family, and colleagues have taken Twitter to express their condolences for her. 

Evelyn Cause Of Death Revealed

Evelyn Sakash’s cause of death is revealed to be natural causes.

Sakash was found dead on March 30, 2021, on a Tuesday afternoon.

Evelyn’s sister Ellen Brown hired a cleaning crew to clean out Sakash’s house. While cleaning, they found her body around 4:15 pm. Evelyn’s body was found on her kitchen floor buried under garbage.

The New York Police Department and the New York Medical Examiner’s office were immediately informed. 

Evelyn died of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, where one’s arteries are hardened, restricting the blood flow, reports E! News.

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