Everaldo Pato Teixeira Wikipedia Age, Wife And Instagram

Everaldo Pato Teixeira Wikipedia: Meet The Surfer On Instagram

Everaldo Pato Teixeira Wikipedia: Meet The Surfer On Instagram

Everaldo Pato Teixeira Wikipedia Age, Stay with the article to find out more about the surfer.

Everaldo Pato Teixeira is one of the most famous surfers from Brazil. Everaldo has suffered in almost all the places in the world.

Since the beginning of Teixeira’s surfing career, he has always been comfortable with big waves and dangerous oceans, reports Mormaii.

Everaldo Pato Teixeira Wikipedia Age:

Everaldo Pato Teixeira is not on Wikipedia.

One can read about Teixeira’s biografia on a couple of Wiki-bio pages. The height details of Everaldo are private. By the looks of his pictures, Everaldo Pato Teixeira might be around 5 feet 10 inches.

Everaldo Pato Teixeira age or edad is 46 years, as he was born on July 15, 1974. Teixeira was born in Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil, and his nationality is Brazilian.

Meet Everaldo Pato Teixeira On Instagram

Everaldo Pato Teixeira is active on Instagram with 130k followers.

Everaldo’s Instagram bio says Surf, Jet Surf, Foil, and Big Wave. His latest Instagram post was with his son, by the ocean.

Most of Teixeira’s posts on Instagram are about surfing, the ocean, traveling, and family.

Quick Facts:

Name Everaldo Pato Teixeira
Birthday July 15, 1974
Age 46 years
Gender Male
Nationality Brazilian
Profession Surfer
Married/Single Married
Wife Fabiana Nigol
Children Bela Nalu, Zay Nalu
Instagram @patoteixeira
Facebook @everaldopatoteixeira

Some Fun Facts about Everaldo Pato Teixeira

  1. Everaldo Pato Teixeira’s wife is Fabiana Nigol. She goes by nalupelomundo on Instagram, where she has 255k followers.
  2. Fabiana and Everaldo share two children, Bela Nalu and Zay Nalu. According to Bela’s Instagram account, she also surfs and travels a lot.
  3. Everaldo is not on Twitter, but he is active on Facebook, where he has 13.2k followers. Pato’s last Facebook post was in June 2020, and 13k people like his page.
  4. The details of Teixeira’s surfing stats are present on World Surf League. In 2011, he was placed in the 17th position with 178 points in Africa Pro Challenge. Christian Merello defeated Everaldo in the competition.
  5. Everaldo Pato does not have a Youtube channel of his own, but there are many videos of Everaldo surfing on the platform.

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