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4conner Drama Explained: What’s Up With Conner’s Twitch Logs?

4conner Drama Explained: What’s Up With Conner’s Twitch Logs?

4conner’s Twitch logs were exposed, the drama is now explained along with his age and height. Stay with the article to find out more.

4conner is a Twitch streamer who recently landed himself in trouble. He plays Among Us, Fall Guys, Warcraft III, and many other games on Twitch.

4conner’s fans reacted and were upset after his Twitch logs were exposed. Many other Twitch streamers have come forward with their reactions to this matter. 4conner made some comments which were called racist, transphobic, and anti-semitic by people online.

4conner Drama Explained

4conner’s Twitch logs were leaked online. Conner’s fans reacted to this very quickly. Many people are talking about this issue on Reddit. As his past Twitch logs were exposed, many people found the whole thing very offensive and hurtful.

Conner apologized for saying those things in the past. He made a video on Twitch as an apology video. He apologized for saying bad things in the past and offending people. 

Is 4conner racist? Mizkif reaction

4conner is called racist, anti-semitic, and transphobic in many videos that surfaced on Reddit. Another Twitch streamer, Mizkif, acknowledged the situation and said he and 4conner are no longer friends. Both 4conner and Mizkif’s fans are inquisitive about what happened between them.

In his reaction, Mizkif said he would no longer stream with 4conner. He also revealed that 4conner is not allowed in his house. Mizkif said that there is a difference between being edgy and overdoing it. 

4conner Age And Height

4conner’s age might be around the mid-20s. 4conner’s height might be around 5 feet 10 inches. 4conner was born and raised in Washington D.C., USA. After the whole drama about the Twitch logs, 4conner’s Twitter account is no longer available.

4conner’s Twitch account has 45.2k followers. He usually streams himself playing games and just chatting videos on Twitch. 4conner mainly plays Rocket League on the platform. 

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