Everything On Ben Askren Wife

Ben Askren Wife Amy Askren And Family: Everything To Know

Ben Askren Wife Amy Askren And Family: Everything To Know

Amy Askren age has been high on the search list after the announcement of the match between husband Ben Askren and Youtuber Jake Paul.

Amy Askren is popularly known for being the wife of the MMA fighter Ben Askren. She is also a licensed real estate agent at Firefly Real Estate. 

Amy Askren Age and Wikipedia

Amy Askren age has not been revealed yet. 

She may be around 35-37 years old, like her husband, who is 36 years right now.

Amy Askren has not been featured on Wikipedia.

However, she is mentioned on the Wikipedia of her husband, Ben.

Her Family Details

Amy has a family of 6 with her, her husband, children, and their pet. 

The name of their children are Alex, Andy, and Ozzi and their pet is named Ragnor.

The family is living happily together and from their Instagram, it seems they have a lot of fun times. 

What is Amy Askren Net Worth?

Amy net worth is not known yet.

However, her husband’s is said to be $500,000.

As a real estate agent, we can expect that she is earning really well.

Ben Askren and Jake Paul Fight

The much-anticipated fight on April 17, 2021, between Jake Paul and Ben Askren, didn’t turn out well for Askren’s family. 

Ben Askren is a former MMA champion and Jake Paul is a popular Youtuber. 

Bets have been made on the two fighters and it gathered much excitement after UFC president Dana White said that he was willing to bet 1 million dollars on Jake Paul losing. 

In response, Jake Paul himself said that he was willing to double the amount on him winning and rapper Snoop Dogg also offered to bet $2 million on Jake winning as well. 

After that being said and done, the YouTuber won the first-round TKO. 

Ben then posted on his Twitter saying “Sorry World,” which lead to many trolling him and saying that the match was rigged and if he is enjoying the big paycheck he got by losing.

Meet Her on Instagram

Askren is on Instagram with her bio giving insight on her and her family. 

Her account @amyaskren1 has over 28k followers right now.

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