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Who is Goldman Sachs MD Aziz Mcmahon? Know His Net Worth

Who is Goldman Sachs MD Aziz Mcmahon? Know His Net Worth

Aziz Mcmahon’s net worth surged by millions thanks to Dogecoin. Let’s learn about Goldman Sachs’s MD.

Aziz was a managing director at Goldman Sachs London. He reportedly resigned from his post on Tuesday.

Aziz Mcmahon Net Worth: Dogecoin Earnings

Aziz Mcmahon’s net worth is in the millions.

The Goldman Sachs London MD made most of it on Dogecoin. Many sources speculated that he called of his duty at the investment bank as he made enough from the cryptocurrency.

Dogecoin has given birth to many memes on the Internet for its price rally. For McMahon to make huge cash on the crypto, he must have sold it a few days ago. It is because Dogecoin’s price dropped over 30% following Elon Musk’s stint on SNL.

Aziz must have earned enough fortune through the cryptocurrency for him to quit a job of high quality. In fact, Dogecoin had increased over 1000% in values in this year alone.

Aziz Mcmahon Goldman Sachs Salary

Aziz’s salary at Goldman Sachs was huge being at the MD’s office there. 

However, his salary could not be large enough as Aziz easily saw it off. Also, the exact details of his salary and incentives at the investment bank are yet to be discovered.

Goldman Sachs confirmed to the media his resignation from his position. However, they said the company was not provided a reason for leaving.

Fortune reports he is planning to start a hedge fund soon. After all, he needs to employ all of his assets soon.

A Goldman Sachs spokesperson recently reported to the media that Aziz has already left his office. It is now for us to see how much the man makes in the coming days with all the earnings from his crypto asset.

Aziz Mcmahon Wikipedia

Aziz’s bio is yet to be written on a Wikipedia page.

McMahon had been serving Goldman Sachs London for over 14 years. 

Aziz has a Master of Arts degree in Economics. He earned it at Trinity College in Dublin studying there for eight years since 1992. Besides, he attended the King’s Hospital School in Dublin, Ireland.

McMahon had joined Goldman Sachs in April 2007 as per his LinkedIn profile.

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