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Who Is Researcher Helena Legido-Quigley? Everything To Know

Who Is Researcher Helena Legido-Quigley? Everything To Know

Helena Legido-Quigley Wikipedia bio presents her experience and expertise in health research. Lets learn more.

Helena is a Spanish public health researcher. She warned the Coronavirus Pandemic might repeat itself.

Helena Legido-Quigley Wikipedia

Helena Legido-Quigley’s Wikipedia bio illustrates her glorious researching career.

Legido-Quigley is a high-level professional. She is associated with many roles in her field. She is an associate professor in Health Systems.

She serves at the Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health position at the National University of Singapore.

Also, Helena is an associate of the Royal Institute of International Affairs or Chatham House in London.  Similarly, she holds the position at the World Economic Forum as a Council member.

Furthermore, she is the editor-in-chief for the Journal of Migration and Health published by Elsevier.

Helena Legido-Quigley Biografia

Helena Legido-Quigley’s biografia consists mostly of her years-long career as a public health researcher. 

Legido-Quigley joined the University of Barcelona to study Sociology. Later, she shifted to the University of Reading after moving to the United Kingdom. Soon, she joined the Univerity of Edinburgh.

Helena earned a master’s degree in social policy there.

Helena did thorough research on the impact of austerity on the health of Spanish people during the pursuit of a doctoral degree.

In fact, she earned the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine degree, being supervised by Martin McKee.

Lately, Helena is engaged in the analysis of the global public health response to COVID-19. She suggests the governments work in the testing and development of hospitals and health workers.

Recently, she warned in an interview that the pandemic would rise again if we make mistakes.

Who Is Helena’s Husband?

There is no subsequent information regarding Helena’s husband.

Helena has her private life out of the media. She has never talked about her marriage and children publicly.

Know About Her Family

Helena Legido-Quigley grew with her family in Barcelona.

She was born in 1977 and has reached 43 years of age now. In fact, Helena’s parents had a family of five daughters.

Helena’s parents insisted on educating each of their children, knowing the benefits of education. Furthermore, she owes most of the achievements she earned in her career to her parents.

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