Everything On Jamie Tarses Partner Age, Wikipedia Bio

Who Is Paddy Aubrey? Everything On Jamie Tarses Partner Age, Wikipedia Bio

Who Is Paddy Aubrey? Everything On Jamie Tarses Partner Age, Wikipedia Bio

Paddy Aubrey’s net worth is what people are wondering about after the death of Jamie Tarses Death. In this article, we will be covering everything about Jamie Tarses’ husband and net worth. Please read till the end.

Jamie Tarses, a pioneering TV executive who was worked to shape juggernaut comedies like “Friends” and “Mad About You,” passed on February 1, 2021, on Monday due to complications stemming from a cardiac event she was suffering since fast fall, as reported by the Deadline.

Paddy Aubrey is Jamie Tarses’ partner and a restauranteur who owns a restaurant, Silver Lake Hyperion Public, Hyperion Ave, Los Angeles, CA, United States. He has also created a beautiful family with two children, Wyatt and Sloane, with Jamie Tarses. The couple has been together for more than a decade till the TV executive Jamie Tarses’ death. 

What Is The Net Worth Of Paddy Aubrey?

Well, Paddy Aubrey’s exact net worth is not available as of now since he has maintained preferably a low-profile of himself. However, we can tell you that he is a chef and a Silver Lake Hyperion Public restauranteur. So, basically, he has earned a good fortune of net worth for himself.

Furthermore, his partner Jamie Tarses had a fair amount of net worth. According to Networth post, she has a net worth of $17 million, but we cannot assure you about this information as the source is not that reliable.

Jamie Tarses’ Partner’s Wikipedia And Age Explored:

As said earlier, Paddy Aubrey has successfully maintained a low-profile of himself; hence he cannot b found on Wikipedia, which accounts for minimal information available about him as well.

As of now, we know that Paddy has completed his high school at Francis W. Parker School and pursued his Bachelor of Arts In English Literature.

However, Jamie Tarses has succeeded in acquiring a well-documented Wikipedia under her name with a bunch of reliable information regarding her career and family life. 

Similarly, he has not revealed his exact age now, but he seems to be in his early-50s as of now.

What Does Paddy Aubrey Do For A Living?

Well, he basically owns a restaurant in Los Angeles and is also a chef there. So we can assume that he has been earning a reasonable sum of money from his job that can support his lifestyle and family. 

Unfortunately, we cannot provide more detailed and reliable information about his livelihood as of now.

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