Everything On Sofia Richie Rumored Boyfriend

Elliot Grainge Age and Net Worth: Everything On Sofia Richie Rumored Boyfriend

Elliot Grainge Age and Net Worth: Everything On Sofia Richie Rumored Boyfriend

Sophia Riche’s rumored boyfriend Elliot Grainge has made many curious about his age and net worth. Stay with us to find out the answer to that question and much more, with us!

Elliot Grainge is a music executive who is the founder and CEO of 10K Projects. 

Rumors of him and Sofia Riche in a relationship have been circulating these days. 

Quick Facts:

Name Elliot Grainge
Birthday November 1993
Age 27 years old
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Music Executive
Parents Lucian Grainge and Samantha Berg
Siblings 2 half-sisters: Alice and Betsy
Married/Single in a relationship with Sofia Richie
Instagram @elliot
Twitter @estrainge

Elliot Grainge Age and Wikipedia

Elliot Grainge’s age is 27 years old and he was born in the year 1993 in November

As of right now, Elliot Grainge has not been documented on Wikipedia but information regarding his mother and birth is available on his father, Lucion Grainge’s Wikipedia. 

Is Elliot Grainge Sofia Richie’s Rumored Boyfriend?

Rumors about Sofia Riche‘s rumored boyfriend to be Elliot Grainge has been circulating these days and it turns out that it is indeed true. 

The model posted a picture of herself and Elliot confirming the rumors on March 27th.  

Sources say that her parents are really happy and accepting of the relationship. 

Elliot Grainge Net Worth And Job

Elliot Grainge’s net worth has not been disclosed yet.

Coming from a wealthy family, he has always lived a comfortable life. Furthermore, his own success in his career has guaranteed his luxurious life.

Who Are Elliot Grainge Parents?

About his family, Elliot Grainge’s parents are Lucion Grainge, the chairman and chief executive of Universal Music Group, and Samantha Berg.

His parents had gotten married in January 1993 but in the November of the same year while giving birth to Elliot, his mother’s health had deteriorated and she fell into a coma. 

Unfortunately, she never recovered and died in 2007. His father later married Caroline and together they had 2 daughters: Alice and Betsy, his half-siblings.

His father was honored with the Hollywood Walk of Fame in January 2020.

Meet Elliot Grainge on Instagram and Twiter

The music executive is available on Instagram and Twitter.

Elliot Grainge’s account @elliot is already verified with nothing other than his name on his Instagram bio.

He has 35k people following him so far but he is yet to post anything. 

Likewise, he is also active on Twitter @estrainge which is also verified with 5,138 followers

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