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Nikki Grahame Parents: Who are Susan Grahame & David Grahame?

Nikki Grahame Parents: Who are Susan Grahame & David Grahame?

The death of reality TV star Nikki Grahame has shaken fans to their core and many are inquiring about her parents: Susan and David Grahame.

Nikki Grahame was a British reality TV star popular for the reality TV show ‘”Big Brother”. Well-loved by fans for her bright and bubbly personality, her death had left a void in the heart of her fans. 

Born on April 28, 1982, her death last Friday on April 9, had many fans wailing how unfair and untimely she had been taken away. 

With her last post on Instagram @nikkigrahameofficial being annoyed about the second lockdown, many fans and even herself may have had hopes of her recovering. 

Quick Facts:

Name Nikki Grahame
Birthday April 28, 1982-April 9, 2021
Age 38 years old
Gender Female
Height 1.55 meters
Nationality British
Profession Reality TV star
Parents Susan and David Grahame
Siblings Natalie Grahame
Instagram @nikkigrahameofficial

Nikki Grahame Parents: Susan Grahame & David Grahame 

Nikki Grahame’s parents are Susan Grahame and David Grahame. She also has a younger sister Natalie, 2 years younger.

They had long spilt up while Nikki was really young. Following the demise of her grandfather who was really close to her and the split of her parents, fueled by her own insecurities of being called fat, she gradually fell into the clutches of anorexia nervosa

Is Nikki Grahame Married? Husband And Family 

Nikki Grahame was not married and doesn’t have a husband.

In the show “Big Brother”, she had a romantic relationship with the season winner, Pete Bennet but they had long split up. Moreover, Pete is already married to Gemma Costin.

The pair, however, had a good relationship with them even posting a picture of them together before she had gone in for the treatment. 

Her death has caused the “Big Brother”‘s family to express their sorrow and show tribute to Nikki on their respective social media account.

Cause Of Death: How Did Nikki Grahame Die?

Nikki Grahame died due to anorexia nervosa, the disorder that has haunted her from the age of 8 till her death. 

Having battled the illness for so long but due to continuous relapses, she passed away due to the failure of her treatment.

Fans and well-wishers had racked over 65,000 euros for her treatment on GoFundMe but to no avail as the disorder slowly caused her great pain to have taken her life.

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