Everything On Trevor Peacock Wife And Children

Tilly Tremayne: Get To Know Trevor Peacock Wife And Children

Tilly Tremayne: Get To Know Trevor Peacock Wife And Children

Tilly Tremayne Trevor Peacock Wife: Who Is Tilly Tremayne? Stay with the article to find it out.

Tilly Tremayne is an actress who is famous for her work in many movies and TV shows. Tilly’s work includes The Love Pill (1972), Persuasion (2007), and Blithe Spirit (2008).

According to her IMDb page, Tremayne has 16 acting credits, and her last work was on Blithe Spirit, where she played Mrs. Bradman. Tremayne played Dr. Marian Taylor, a graphologist on Coronation Street in the late 1990s.

Tilly Tremayne: Trevor Peacock Wife

Tilly Tremayne was the wife of English actor Trevor Peacock.

Trevor is known for his character Jim Trott in The Vicar of Dibley. Tilly Tremayne is the second wife of Trevor Peacock. He was previously married to Irish Jones, but the marriage ended in a divorce.

In 2009, Trevor was diagnosed with dementia. In 2018, Peacock was diagnosed with advanced dementia and was put in a nursing home for better care. Trevor Peacock passed away on March 8, 2021, at the age of 89 years. The cause of Trevor’s death is a dementia-related illness, reports The Guardian

Who Are Tilly Tremayne’s Children?

Tilly Tremayne has three children with Trevor Peacock.

Tilly’s children are Harry PeacockSally Peacock, and Maudie Peacock. Meanwhile, Trevor Peacock also has a son, Daniel Peacock with from his first marriage. 

Daniel Peacock is an actor, director, and writer based in London. Daniel is known for his work in The Comic Strip Presents… and Only Fools and Horses. Harry Peacock is an actor known for his roles in Toast of London and Gulliver’s Travels.

Tremayne’s Net Worth Details

The details about Tilly Tremayne’s net worth are under review.

Tremayne is not on Wikipedia, but one can read her bio on a couple of Wiki-bio pages. Any further details about Tilly’s family are private.

Tilly Tremayne lived with her husband and children in East Coker, Somerset, till he passed away.

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