‘Everytime The Beat Drop’ TikTok Song And Lyrics Explained

Monica: ‘Everytime The Beat Drop’ TikTok Song And Lyrics Explained

Monica: ‘Everytime The Beat Drop’ TikTok Song And Lyrics Explained

Monica: Every Time The Beat Drop is a song on TikTok that’s being used by many TikTok creators in their videos. As songs go, this is one of the most fun songs on TikTok. This song was made way before TikTok was made but TikTok has now made it popular again.

Every Time The Beat Drop” is an R&B Hip Hop classic that has a sick beat everyone can groove to. It was no surprise that TikTokers made dance videos using this song as the song has a strong rhythm and a chill vibe.

Many of us that are not much of a dancer and would surely love it when we see a skillful dancer doing their job and killing it. A lot of dancers have used this song as this is a very danceable tune. Videos on TikTok are something like this:


Had so much fun filming this one yesterday! Go watch my entire performance on my IG ✨dc: me ##fulloutaudition ##callbacks ##stage ##live ##performance

♬ Monica- Everytime Tha Beat Drop – enolabedard

This girl absolutely killed it here. So, let me just write about this song and how people are grooving to it on TikTok.

Monica: ‘Every time The Beat Drop’ TikTok Song

Every Time The Beat Drop is a Hip Hop song that was recorded by an American artist named Monica. Monica’s vocals were really a great pick for this song as it has a sort of raspy and sultry tone. That tone took the lyrics to a new level.

The new generation has found this song and it still holds up after 14 years of its release. Girls are having a twerk party on this song and it looks so much fun. 


the ending😭😂 ##TheNextkidz ##fyp ##besties

♬ Monica- Everytime Tha Beat Drop – enolabedard

I wish I could twerk but again, for the thousandth time, I can’t. So, without feeling too much sorry for myself, I would like to talk about this song.

This song was released in 2006 on Southside Records. It is 3 minutes and 43 seconds long but TikTok videos are made with just a short excerpt from it. Produced by Jermaine Dupri, this song really is a timeless classic.

It was number 68 in the United States of America on the Billboard Chart. There were some remixes done as well but this is the original and the most famous version of the song.

Monica: Every time The Beat Drop Lyrics Explained

Rock…bend my knees, every time tha beat drops…

Rock, then bend my knees, every time the beat drops…

This is how the lyrics start and this is the part of the song that TikTokers seem to be using. If you want to take a look at the full lyrics of the song, click right here.

The song is all about vibing and dancing happily. It really is a suitable song to let loose and just dance away.


@matt8mccall @dexrated

♬ Monica- Everytime Tha Beat Drop – enolabedard

The lyrics and the beat are so sick that people of all generations can enjoy the song. What is more wholesome than a mother-daughter duo enjoying a dance. This is what music is all about- bringing people together.

Monica: Every time The Beat Drop: TikTok Trend

As I already said earlier, people are choosing this song to dance and groove on TikTok. Songs have been a great part of TikTok. This song has been so much that it has been certified as a trend now. It has a total of 520k views on TikTok as of now.


W/ @syeraplitt & @jeanvictorm dc: @matt8mccall @dexrated 🤍

♬ Monica- Everytime Tha Beat Drop – enolabedard

Some people on TikTok are making a single dance video whereas some are choosing to dance with their squad. There are no rules to this, Maybe only one rule you should consider following is “Don’t bore people”. Try doing this dance by yourself because you really might enjoy it.

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