Evy Melaa Age, Wikipedia, Instagram, Height and Measurement

Evy Melaa

Evy Melaa

Evy Melaa is a social media personality who has taken social media by storm and has been able to garner a lot of followers on digital space. She is not the most famous personality but she has grown rapidly on social media sites. Melaa has a way of being vulnerable and sharing things about her life in a healthy manner on Instagram.

Evy loves makeup and she is pretty keen on fitness as well. She loves to maintain herself and I guess that’s a healthy way of life to advertise on her social media. One could think being an Instagrammer is a very easy job but like every job, it presents challenges as well. Let’s explore more about her life and unique career now.

Name Evy Melaa
Gender Female
Nationality French
Profession Model and social media personality
Married/Single Married
Instagram evy_melaa
Twitter Evy Melaa

10 Facts On Evy Melaa

  1. Evy Melaa is very young and attractive. However, I have to confess that we are unable to say how old she really is.
  2. She has never revealed her birthday to the general public. She holds the French nationality.
  3. Evy has been very public about her daily life as that’s what one is supposed to do as a social media influencer.
  4. Melaa has not been on Wikipedia so far but she could be featured on the site in the near future.
  5. Evy has a stunning physical appearance as she likes to stay fit. Having said that, I would also like to add that we are unaware of her height.
  6. Melaa loves makeup and films herself in front of the mirror occasionally. Her fans love it and she keeps making these videos.
  7. She is married and very much in love. She shared this beautiful picture of herself giving a smooch to the lucky husband.
  8. Evy has a child as well and loves being a mother.
  9. She is on Instagram as “evy_melaa”.
  10. She has garnered 267k followers on her Instagram in a very short period of time.

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