Evy Poumpouras Husband Age Wiki And Instagram: Is She Married?

Evy Poumpouras Age Husband: Who Is She Married To?

Evy Poumpouras Age Husband: Who Is She Married To?

Evy Poumpouras husband name is still a secret despite being married. And so is her age. Learn more about her wiki in the article given below.

Evy is a public figure. She is a former Special Agent in the U.S. Secret Service.

She is also a tv presenter and an author. Recently she published her book Becoming Bulletproof, which is the best seller.

Evy Poumpouras Age: How Old Is She?

Evy Poumouras has not revealed her exact birthday to this date.

Looking at her, we can assume that she might be in between her late thirties or early forties. She still looks young and pretty.

Evy Husband: Who Is She Married To?

Evy Poumouras’ husband’s details lie in mystery.

Everyone knows Evy is a married woman, but her husband’s name is still a mystery for everyone out there.

Evy and her husband are happily married for 10 years. She frequently posts pictures with him. 

She seems quite secretive regarding her husband and personal life. No information about her husband is mentioned anywhere. 

Evy Poumpouras Wiki

Despite being a famous public figure, Evy has not got a place on Wikipedia.

However, she has her website named Evy Poumpouras. There we can find several pieces of information about her.

Evy is a mixed-race woman.  According to her, she was raised by her grandmother and mother.

Evy has been featured in famous magazines like People, Forbes, CNBC, InStyle, and many more. 

She has served her 12 years of life as a secret agent for the U.S. Secret Service. She used to work for the former president of America, Barack Obama. 

She was a co-host of Bravo TV’s competition series Spy Games. She is a famous author.

She recently published her best seller book Becoming Bulletproof.

Meet Her on Instagram

Evy is quite active on her social media, including Instagram.

She has an Instagram account named @evypoumpouras with about 63k followers.

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