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Why Is Camryn Amy and Olivia Winslow Arrested?

Why Is Camryn Amy and Olivia Winslow Arrested?

Camryn Amy and Olivia Winslow arrested on charges of stealing a MAGA hat from a 7-year-old boy. The two students were seen taking the hat of the young Trump supporter in a video that has gone viral on Facebook and other social media sites as the MAGA hat video.  

Name Camryn Amy and Olivia Winslow
Age 21 (both)
Gender Female (both)
Nationality American (both)

The two students were taken to jail after being arrested in Delaware just outside the Democratic National Convention. 

Why Were The Two Liberals Arrested?

Camryn Amy and Olivia Winslow, both 21 years old, were arrested after they took a seven-year-old boy’s Make America Great Again (MAGA) hat. before this incident, they were also seen tearing Trump’s re-election campaign signs. 

According to various online articles, the pair snatched the hat and made the boy cry while also picking fights with adults nearby. Camryn reportedly tried to stomp on the MAGA hat but ended up stomping on the boy’s hand.   

Amy has also been accused of punching a man unrelated to the hat incident in the face which has gotten her assault charges.  

Both of them are facing second-degree conspiracy, endangering the welfare of a child, two counts of offensive touching, and first-degree robbery. The bond has been set at $45,000. 

The MAGA Hat Video Went Viral On Social Media

The video was posted to the Students for Trump online community where it made the rounds and went viral within a few hours of being uploaded.  Especially on the official Facebook page of the Students for Trump where it has gathered hundreds of thousands of views. 

In the video, the two arrested women are seen approaching the child and picking his hat up from the ground, his mother tells him to take his hat back. 

They are also seen using profanity and taking the heat away from the little kid while the mother demands the hat back while also threatening them. 

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