Facts On Age, Wikipedia, And Family

Jose Angel Medina Death: Facts On Age, Wikipedia, And Family

Jose Angel Medina Death: Facts On Age, Wikipedia, And Family

Jose Angel Medina is a famous Mexican music artist and a vocalist. Jose Angel Medina is the main vocalist of the band Patrulla 81 which was formed back in 1981. There are 6 members in the band and have been together since the formation of the group. They usually focus on Grupera and Duranguense music genre which are most popular in Mexico.

Name Jose Angel Medina
Gender Male
Nationality Mexican
Profession Vocalist
Married/Single Married
Children 1

Recently on November 11, 2020, Patrulla 81 vocalist Jose Angel Medina died due to complication occurred by the COVID-19 disease. The exact reason behind his death isn’t confirmed yet however the facts of his death have shocked the group and especially all the Mexican musician lovers. 

10 Facts on Jose Angel Medina:

  1. Jose Angel Medina was born in Mexico probably in the 1950s.
  2. Jose’s age as of 2020 is around his 60’s however the exact date of birth is still unknown and he has been very secretive about it.
  3. Duranguense group lead vocalist Jose Angel Medina died due to a complication that occurred by the COVID-19.
  4. Until now there is no information about Jose Angel Medina on Wikipedia however the facts mentioned below might help you even more about him but there is information regarding their group on the wiki.
  5. Despite being a famous artist and vocalist he hasn’t revealed much about his parents as he is a very secretive kind of person.
  6. Jose is already married and has a wife and even has a son named Jose Angel Medina Jr named after his name as he is also a band member of Patrulla 81.
  7. His net worth as of 2020 could be more than a million dollars including all his earnings from songs and tours.
  8. Jose isn’t available on Instagram but his band is available @patrulla81demexico where they have more than 1.9k followers.
  9. Some of his famous songs and albums are Eres Divina, Payaso Loco, En Vivo, and A Mi Ley.
  10. Jose along with his band member formed Patrulla 81 back in 1981 in Mexico.

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