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Ariel Quiros Net Worth And Wikipedia Bio: Former Jay Peak Owner

Ariel Quiros Net Worth And Wikipedia Bio: Former Jay Peak Owner

Ariel Quiros, an American businessman with a net worth of hundreds of millions of dollars has been pleaded guilty to fraud, as per USA Today. The former owner of the ski resort is currently under trial for a fraud scheme that worths around $350 Million, Yahoo reports. 

Name Ariel Quiros
Age 64 years
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Entrepreneur

In case you’re wondering, Ariel Quiros, is an American businessman who is known for his beautiful ski resort in Vermont, Jay Peak Hotel. The resort sits in the lap of the Jay Peak mountain. But after all, it was just the front for the fraud project called EB-5. Reports claim that Quiros convinced 160 investors to spend on the project which was never built. However, all of his deeds are finally unraveled but Quiros is waiting for the trial which is due in April 2021. 

10 Facts on Ariel Quiros

  1. Ariel Quiros is an American businessman who is the former owner of the Vermont resort called “Jay Peak Resort.”
  2. Quiros’s net worth is not figured out yet. But there is no doubt he has a net worth of hundreds of millions of dollars. 
  3. Speaking of, the businessman is accused of a fraud scheme revolving around $350 million worth of money. 
  4. Moreover, Ariel Quiros doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography. But if you follow the news, he is quite a famous person. 
  5. You won’t find him on social media of any sort, unfortunately. 
  6. Ariel Quiros kept his wife and family out of the spotlight. For what’s worth, it turned out to be a good decision. 
  7. Moving on, Quiros came into the limelight in 2012 when he had a dispute with his partners. 
  8. Ever since a lot of reports suggested that the entrepreneur had anomalies in his financial book. 
  9. Turns out he was behind the Jay Peak fraud in the name of Project EB-5. 
  10. Ariel Quiros’s trial has been postponed to April 2021 due to the Covid-19 crisis. 

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