Fanbo Zeng Height Age, Wikipedia And Parents: How Old Tall? 2019

Fanbo Zeng Height And Age: How Old Tall?

Fanbo Zeng Height And Age: How Old Tall?

Fabbo Zeng height and age are a matter of curiosity for several basketball fans out there. Let’s learn more about young talent.

Zeng is a Chinese basketball player who was ranked 33rd on the list of Class of 2022 recruits by ESPN. The power forward is the only Chinese player among the highest ranks.

Fanbo Zeng height: How tall is he?

Zeng’s height is 6 feet 9 inches or 2.05 meters.

He had gained such a height in his second year at Windermere Prep School. He joined the school in 2018; three years later he went to the US from China. 

Besides, he gained 84 kilograms in weight. Overall, he has built a body fit enough, scoring 15.5 points, 7.2 rebounds, and 2.6 blocks in 2019 at the school.

Fanbo Zeng Age: How old is he?

Fanbo Zeng’s age is 17 years old.

The young talent with Chinese nationality was born in 2003 in Harbin. In fact, he had joined ‘Project Eaglet’ at Beijing Ducks as early as the age of 11. 

Although it has been only five years since he came to the US, he certainly has a bright career ahead of him with enough training at Windermere.

To point out, Zeng is the only player of Chinese ethnicity to have been drafted since 2007. Consequently, he carries hopes and support from all of the basketball fans from the country.

Is Fanbo Zeng on Wikipedia? His Parents and Bio

Fanbo Zeng is not on Wikipedia.

Both of Fanbo’s parents are ex-basketball players.

With the sport running through his genes, Fanbo’s parents sent him to a basketball academy in Beijing. 

Fanbo’s parents taught him not only the basics of basketball but also many life lessons. He says he owes most of his career success to his parents.

Zeng says he found it quite difficult to adapt to the culture in the US away from his parents. The coaches who understood various ethnicity and cultures helped him.



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