Father James Altman Biography Wikipedia, Age Wife And Net Worth

Who is Father James Altman? Everything To Know

Who is Father James Altman? Everything To Know

Father James Altman biography is on search after his resignation. What forced him to take such a step?

The Roman Catholic Church in Las Crosse has recently asked James Altman to step down from his position. The decision came after a year-long controversial opinion of Altman regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Father James Altman: His Wikipedia Biography and Age Explored

Father James Altman Wikipedia biography is absent for now.

James Altman is a right-winged pastor from Wisconsin. He grew into popularity with his COVID-19 conspiracy theories. He is known for speaking against the vaccine, mask mandate rules and social distancing practices. 

Though some people do support his beliefs, some are against his statements. As a fact, James has been receiving constant criticism for his opinions since 2020. Eventually, Bishop William Callahan asked father James to resign from his position.


James Altman seems around the age of 40s.

The pastor was serving as the St. James the Less Roman Catholic Church in La Crosse. However, his role seems at threat right now. On the other hand, Altman expressed that he is a victim of cancel culture. 

Who Is James Altman Wife?

James Altman has not mentioned his wife yet.

Due to the constant scrutiny surrounding his life, James Altman rarely talks about his family. We don’t know much about his personal life and affairs.

Altman even posted a youtube video speaking against Bishop William Callahan’s decisions. Similarly, he also mentioned that the actions were “divisive and ineffective”. Furthermore, many fans have come forward for his support.

His Net Worth and Fortune

James Altman yields good net worth – however, his fortune is under review as of 2021.

The father has a good number of followers. James Altman’s fans have even dedicated a Facebook bio named “Friends of Father James Altman” with over 1.9k followers. Moreover, Altman recently raised over $10000 USD from a fundraiser.

It is alleged that the pastor wants to use the money for a legal battle. He is planning to take his appeal in Rome. On the other hand, bishop Callahan has requested everyone to respect their privacy and personal space. 

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