Father Mother Ethnicity And Nationality

Everything On Arna Kimiai Parents: Father Mother Ethnicity And Nationality

Everything On Arna Kimiai Parents: Father Mother Ethnicity And Nationality

Everything On Arna Kimiai father mother and Nationality details is covered. Read this article to know every detail about the Uber attack suspect Arna including her ethnicity.

Arna Kimiai is a woman who coughed on an Uber rideshare driver as shown in a now-viral video. She has been charged with two felonies and two other charges according to Newsweek. 

She has been charged with two felony counts by the San Franciso District Attorney’s office. One of the felonies is for assault by means of force likely to produce great bodily injury against a transit operator.

The other felony is for first-degree attempted robbery on a transit operator.

Arna Kimiai Father Mother: Everything To Know About Her Parents

Arna Kimiai was born to her parents Farshad Kimiai (father). Her mother’s details have not come into the limelight yet.

Her father owns Arna Enterprises, Inc in California. On August 20, 2020, she posted an Instagram video of herself and wrote in the caption that her mother gave her a curl pattern then Wright styled her hair.

After the incident, Uber driver Subhakhar Khadka said he works very hard to support his family in Nepal. He also said that he wasn’t raised to curse or harm others by his parents.

Arna Kimiai Nationality and Ethnicity

Arna Kimiai holds the American Nationality.

She lives in Los Angeles, California. She previously lived in EI Cerrito, Contra Costa County, California. On July 14, 2015, she was arrested in Los Angeles for battery on a person.

Arna’s ethnicity hasn’t been known to date. According to the Uber driver, “Arna started taunting him, cursing him, questioning him about being a man.”

The ladies were even talking about shooting me, calling their cousins to shoot me. They were making fun of my race” according to abc7.

Suspect Arna Unmasked: San Francisco Uber Attack Update

Arna Kimiai age is 24 years old as of 2021, as she was born in 1997.

After the Uber assault case two among three women are identified as Malaysia King one in red dress and Arna Kimiai the woman who coughed on the driver.

She’s been hit with charges of robbery, assault and battery, conspiracy, and violation of the health and safety code. She’s still in police custody.

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