Felipe Vazquez Wife, Net Worth And Arrested: Is He Married?

Why Was Felipe Vazquez Arrested? A Look Into His Wife And Family

Why Was Felipe Vazquez Arrested? A Look Into His Wife And Family

People are wondering about Felipe Vazquez wife status after he was arrested. His charges have come as a huge shock to MLB fans.

Felipe Vazques is a former Venezuelan all-star MLB player. However, his life rolled downhill after he was charged with the crime of having allegedly a relationship with a minor. Furthermore, the 29 years old might spend most of his in prison now. 

Felipe Vazquez Wife: Is He Married?

Felipe Vazquez’s wife is absent, as he is not married to date.

Till now, no paparazzi have caught Felipe with his love interest. Therefore, we do not have much information about Felipe Vazquez’s children as well. 

On the other hand, the former baseballer is very close to his sister named Prescilla Vazquez. As a fact, Felipe changed his surname to  Vazquez from Rivero to match his sister’s name.

Felipe Vazquez’s ethnicity is venezulian. Likewise, Felipe Vazquez’s parents are Omaira Blanco de Rivero and Felipe Santiago Rivero. 

Why Was Felipe Vazquez Arrested?

Felipe Vazquez was arrested in the child sexual abuse case.

On September 17, 2019, the police arrested Felipe for allegedly having a sexual relationship with 13 years old and providing minors with obscene material. The athlete even admitted that he did had a sexual encounter with the girl in 2017, who was 13 years old at that time.

In addition, Vazquez also admitted to filming the whole act. In 2019, the police charged him with additional 21 felonies. Likewise, another lawsuit related to child pornography came forward in 2020. 

After a long trial, the court finally announced its verdict on May 17, 2021. Similarly, Felipe Vazquez was found guilty of around 16 charges. However, he was not punished for 10 counts of communicating with minors. 

His Net Worth and Career

Filipe Vazquez’s net worth $2.5 million USD of salary in 2018.

The Pittsburgh Pirates and Vazquez had signed a four-year contract worth $22,500,000 USD before the 2018 season. Similarly, he has experience playing for Washington Nationals (2015-2016) and minor leagues (2009-2015). 

Filipe may now face decades in prison. He is scheduled to go behind the bars in about 90 days. Furthermore, he is currently on the restricted list for the Pirates. 

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