Fidel Albiac Profession Wikipedia And Net Worth: Rocío Carrasco Partner

Fidel Albiac Profession: What Does Rocio Carrasco Partner Do For A Living?

Fidel Albiac Profession: What Does Rocio Carrasco Partner Do For A Living?

Fidel Albiac is best known for being the husband of a Spanish TV personality and businesswoman, Rocio Carrasco. Learn everything about his Profession and Net Worth here. 

Rocío Carrasco, of course, is not a new name in the Spanish media as she has been known both famously and infamously throughout her career. Rose to fame when she was married to Antonio David Flores, her fame never ceased even after their split. 

Following her divorce from the acclaimed TV star, Carrasco went and tied the knots with Fidel Albiac. 

Fidel Albia Profession: Is he on Wikipedia?

 Fidel Albia’s current job or profession seems undetermined. But he works in TV Entertainment along with his partner. 

As he is not as famous as Carrasco, Fidel Albia doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography. However, his wife does have a well-dedicated one which runs down to several pages. 

The couple tied the marital knots in 2014. Fidel is Rocio’s second husband after her separation from Flores in 2000. 

How much does he worth? Albia Net Worth and Earnings

As of 2021, Fidel Albia’s net worth remains under review. Rocio, however, does have a multi-million worth of earnings. 

Unlike his wife, Fidel doesn’t share much of his life with others. He prefers to keep a low profile despite being in one of the most active entertainment businesses. 

Quick Facts:

Name Fidel Albiac
Gender Male
Nationality Spanish
Married/Single Married
Wife Rocio Carrasco

Some Unknown Facts on Fidel Albia

  1. Fidel Albia is famous for being the husband of the famous TV collaborator, Rocio Carrasco. 
  2. As for his family, he is a step-father to Rocio’s two children from her previous marriage. He was married to the TV star, David Flores for four years. 
  3. Unfortunately, Fidel doesn’t have an Instagram account as he is not much fond of social media platforms. 
  4. A documentary, Save Me, is due which describes the life of his wife and her relationship with her daughters. 

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