Franco Battiato Wikipedia Eta, Wife And Family: Cause Of Death

How Did Singer Franco Battiato Die? Cause Of Death Revealed

How Did Singer Franco Battiato Die? Cause Of Death Revealed

Franco Battiato Wikipedia is leading top searches on the Internet. He died on Tuesday at 76 years of age at his house.

Battiato was a multi-faceted Italian singer, songwriter, composer, and filmmaker. Italian music’s great work spanned many genres, and he was one of the most popular singer-songwriters in Italy for decades.

Our prayers and thoughts are with the family who has lost their beloved one and gem in the Italian music industry.

Franco Battiato Wikipedia: Is He Available?

Franco Battiato Wikipedia biografia was already surfaced on the Web.

From his Wikipedia, you can garner a myriad of information about his biography, discography, operas, filmography, and so on.

The music legend Battiato had already performed associated acts with several stars, including Alice, Milva, Giuni Russo, and Juri Camisasca.

His genre of music includes beat, new wave, psychedelic, opera, free jazz, and many more.

His Eta Revealed

Francesco Battiato died at the eta (age) of 76 years old.

As a matter of fact, the multi-faceted artist was born on 23rd March 1945. And, he died on 18th May 2021, which makes him of that age.

Hailing from Ionia, Sicily, Italy, Battiato was of Italian nationality.

Everything On His Wife

Battiato did not have a wife.

The Italian music legend did not marry throughout his life. He was very attached to his mother, Grazia.

Battiato Family Explored

Battiato had a small family, including his mother, Grazia Battiato.

Well, his father died when he was very young. Moreover, his father was a truck driver and longshoreman in New York.

Following his father’s death, he moved first to Rome and then to Milan at the age of 22, where he won his first musical contract.

And, his mother Grazia, died in the year 1994.

Any more details about his familia are yet to come to light, unfortunately.

Franco Battiato Cause of Death: How Did He Die?

Franco Battiato’s cause of death was Alzheimer.

Lyrical genius Battiato loses battle with Alzheimer’s at his house, a castle located in the small hamlet of Milo in Sicily.

There are many tributes and condolences of the affected friends, families, and avid fans.

In the mourning spirit of his death (more), families, friends, and his close ones share their sorrowful news across social media timelines.

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