Freddy Bird Wife, Age Wikipedia And Family Net Worth

Who is Freddy Bird Married To? Detailed To Know

Who is Freddy Bird Married To? Detailed To Know

Freddy Bird and wife Nessa have been running Littlefrench restaurant for years now. Know Freddy’s age and Wikipedia details.

Freddy is a professional chef based in Bristol. He currently runs a family-owned restaurant named Littlefrench.

Freddy Bird Wife and Family

Freddy Bird has a wife named Nessa.

Bird’s partner work with him in the restaurant he is currently running. Actually, she tasks care of interiors and design for the restaurant.

In addition, Nessa is the one who is working for the marketing and publicity department too. No doubt, the two have been working together for years on their project.

On the other hand, Freddy and his spouse share three children in the family. They have reached the age of around seven years old now.

However, it is not clear when Freddy and his life partner tied their knots. Also, the chef has not mentioned when and how he met her for the first time. 

Freddy Bird Age – How Old Is He?

Freddy Bird’s age seems over 35 years old.

But he has not shared his exact birth details yet. Also, his fans are unaware of when they could wish him a happy birthday.

Besides, Bird is close to his parents. He works with his mom to design and make crockery and ceramics for his restaurant. Actually, she runs a studio for the job.

On the other hand, we have no clue about his father and his profession.

Freddy is a Bristol native. He was born and raised here. Also, he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography from the University of Exeter.

Later, Bird trained at Ballymaloe to gather expertise in cooking and culinary.

Is Freddy Bird on Wikipedia? His Biography

Freddy Bird is not on Wikipedia yet.

Bird has a personal website where he has presented his biography. Similarly, some other portals on the internet have also covered his bio.

Not to mention, Freddy is the owner of littlefrench restaurant in Bristol. He launched the restaurant in June 2019.

Previously, Freddy was a head chef at Lido Bristol in Bristol for over a decade.

Freddy Net Worth – Meet Him On Twitter

Freddy has a good net worth considering he is a restaurant owner.

But we have no clue about his exact earnings. He has not disclosed anything about the total assets he owns.

Besides, one can find Freddy on Twitter as @freddy_bird. He has got over 2.6k followers on the platform.

Freddy posts a glimpse of his recipes on his Twitter account.

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