French The Kid Where is he from? Rapper Age, Real Name, Net Worth And Wikipedia

Where is French The Kid From? Everything To Know About Him

Where is French The Kid From? Everything To Know About Him

French The Kid is a rapper who broke the headlines after releasing his debut track, Bella Latina.

French The Kid is a British musical artist who has now released two more tracks named Only One Freestyle and Dream. He believes that he should have started producing music way earlier.

Meet Rapper French The Kid

French The Kid is a rapper best known for his mix of English and French melodics. The artist has his own YouTube channel where we can find all of his music videos.

Apart from that, we can find him on Spotify, where he amassed 5 million streams alone. Currently, he has over 504.4 thousand monthly listeners.

French The Kid Age: How Old Is He?

French The Kid’s current age is unknown. However, we can confirm that he is very young and has a bright future.

According to Mix Tape Madness, he was inspired by his brother. Moreover, his parents also have musical backgrounds. Thus, he gets disappointed sometimes for not starting his musical career early.

What Is His Real Name?

French The Kid’s real name has not yet been revealed. Hopefully, he will reveal it very soon.

Well, it seems he likes to be known by his stage name. Recently, he revealed that his family means everything to him.

Where Is He From?

Don’t go after French The Kid’s stage name – he is not from France. Actually, he is from Harold Hill, Essex.

However, he had moved to South-West France, where he spent few years of his life. Living in France, he was inspired by the country’s melody, which he decided to input into his music.

His Net Worth Explored

Currently, the estimated net worth of French The Kid is being investigated. As he is a rapper, we predict that his net worth is in the thousands.

Since he is a growing artist, he hasn’t earned much. But he will definitely make a million in a few years.

Is He On Wikipedia?

No, French The Kid hasn’t been assigned a Wikipedia page.

However, we can find him on Instagram, where he has around 156 thousand followers. Well, he hasn’t revealed if he has a girlfriend. Also, we are clueless about his height.

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