G Madegowda Age Wikipedia And Death

Who Was G Madegowda? Death Cause And Family

Who Was G Madegowda? Death Cause And Family

G Madegowda has died recently at a vulnerable age. Read this article to learn about his Wikipedia and death cause.

Madegowda was a politician and former minister. In the 1980s, he had served for the Congress Government as the Forest Minister.

Also, he served as the Lok Sabha MP in 1989 and 1991. Reportedly, he was at the forefront of Cauvery’s agitation, supporting the farmers.

G Madegowda Age Revealed

G Madegowda’s age was 94 years old when he passed away.

However, we have no details about his birthday. Moreover, his age was making him ill day by day.

Despite being old, Madegowda was a dedicated personality. He followed the path of truth and always supported the Indian farmers.

Indeed, he was born to an Indian family. However, the man never mentioned his parents and siblings in front of the public.

Moreover, Madegowda never spoke about his wife. But, we know that he was married and has a son named Madhu Madegowda.

Well, he wasn’t open about his other children. Thus, his family life is still under review.

Is Madegowda On Wikipedia?

G Madegowda apparently wasn’t very popular to be mentioned on Wikipedia.

Also, he didn’t have any social media profiles. Maybe, he used it privately without any public attention.

Moreover, it’s very rare to find Madegowda’s bio. As per our research, we believe that his information is not on the web.

Nevertheless, his death might trigger people to search for him. Hence, Wikipedia might publish his bio on the worldwide web.

G Madegowda Death: How Did He Die?

G Madegowda’s death cause was lung ailments.

According to Star Of Mysore, he had been hospitalized on June 5, 2021. Reportedly, he had been suffering from lung-related issues.

As far as we know, he got the disease because of his old age. Recently, he was admitted to G. Madegowda Multi-Speciality Hospital.

On July 17, 2021, his death was confirmed on Twitter. Currently, there are thousands of people and organizations sharing their views on the late minister.

Reportedly, they are passing their condolences to his family members. Indeed, India has lost a genuine leader.

Who Was Politician G Madegowda?

Veteran politician G Madegowda was a resident of Mandya district.

Reportedly, he had worked under R. Gundurao‘s government. In fact, people elected him thrice in the Kirugavalu Assembly segment.

As a leader, G Madegowda’s net worth wasn’t high. We can confirm that he donated most of his wealth to poor farmers.

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