Gaia Bermani Amaral Wikipedia, Age, Boyfriend And Instagram

Gaia Bermani Amaral: Meet The Actress On Instagram

Gaia Bermani Amaral: Meet The Actress On Instagram

Brazilian-Italian model-turned-actress Gaia Bermani has already garnered many audiences’ attention through her portrayal in the 2021st movie The Last Paradiso. She has performed the role of Bianca Schettino in the film.

Gaia Bermani got the limelight for the first time after appearing in the commercials for TIM in 2000. And finally, in 2005, she made her acting credit through her appearance in the movie named I Giorni dell’abbandono.

Quick Facts: Gaia Bermani Amaral: Meet The Actress On Instagram

Name Gaia Bermani Amaral
Birthday 16 September 1980.
Age 40
Gender Female
Nationality Brazilian-Italian
Profession Actress, Model
Education Liceo Classico Giuseppe Parini
Instagram @gaiaamaral_official

10 Facts On Gaia Bermani Amaral 

  1. Gaia Bermani Amaral’s age is 40 years old as of now. She was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on 16 September 1980.
  2. Her father is a Brazilian fashion photographer, and where has her mother is an Italian model.
  3. Sadly, her parents separate with a divorce in the late 80s, as per IMDB. Then, she moved to Milan, Italy, and grew up there.
  4. Her hometown lies in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and her nationality is Brazilian, but she possesses a mixed ethnicity, and her parents were of Brazilian and Italian descent.
  5. After finishing graduation from Liceo Classico Giuseppe Parini, she pursued her job as a spokesperson and model.
  6. Gaia Bermani Amaral played the role of Bianca Schettino in the Netflix The Last Paradiso. The movie got released on 5 February 2021.
  7. Some of her other acting credits include her role in Malati di sesso, West Coast, and a few more. Before the fame, she acted in the stage adaptation of Sabrina.
  8. As per Gaia Bermani Amaral’s Wikipedia bio, she is also a TV presenter. She had worked as a host for Rai 2 cinema magazine Stracult.
  9. As an actress and model, Gaia Bermani Amaral has accumulated more than 33 thousand followers on her Instagram account @gaiaamaral_official.
  10. Gaia Bermani Amaral hasn’t given glimpses of her love for her boyfriend on social media. So, it is still a mystery whether she is dating or still single.

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