Gale Sayers’ Wife Age, Family and Children

Ardythe Bullard: Gale Sayers’ Wife Age, Family and Children

Ardythe Bullard: Gale Sayers’ Wife Age, Family and Children

Ardythe Bullard is the spouse of the late Gale Sayers. Gale was an NFL legend for the Chicago Bears. He recently took his last breath on September 22, 2020. 

Ardythe is Gale’s second wife. Similarly, the couple has 3 children together. Furthermore, Bullard is a generous philanthropist.

Name Ardythe Bullard
Gender Female
Nationality American
Net Worth $50 million dollars
Married/Single Widow
Husband Gale Sayers (m. 1973)
Children 3 children

10 Facts on Ardythe Bullard

  1. Ardythe Bullard is the wife of the late Gale Sayers. Ardythe’s age is currently not known. However, she may be around her husband’s age, who was 77 years old as of 2020. 
  2. Ardythe’s husband, Gale Sayers, is a renowned American football player. He is the former team member of  “Chicago Bears”. Sadly, he passed away on September 22, 2020.
  3. According to Ardythe, Sayers was suffering from dementia for the past 4 years. Furthermore, the memory loss was linked to his injuries from the former football career. 
  4. Bullard is the second wife of Gale. Previously, he was married to Linda McNeil with 3 children. However, the couple got divorced in 1973 due to personal reasons.
  5. Soon after his separation, Sayers tied the knot with Ardythe on December 1, 1973. Furthermore, Bullard and Gale added 3 more children to the family.
  6. Ardythe was taking care of her husband during his last age. Likewise, she is also a philanthropist for living. Moreover, she takes part in various charities like the Cradle Foundation.
  7. After her husband’s death, Bullard is now the owner of her partner’s $50 million dollars Net Worth. Therefore, her life is comfortable and luxurious with that sum.
  8. Ardythe now resides in the Chicago area. Furthermore, she used to run an organization named Gale Sayers Center with her late husband.
  9. The celebrity wife doesn’t seem to be interested in using social media. So, her Instagram or Twitter account is currently non-existent on the internet.
  10. Despite her age, Bullard looks beautiful and healthy. She is shorter than her late husband, who stood at a height of 6 feet tall. 

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