Gareth Ward Chef Partner Wikipedia And Birthplace: Where Is He From?

Where Is Chef Gareth Ward From? Meet His Partner And Family

Where Is Chef Gareth Ward From? Meet His Partner And Family

Where is Chef Gareth Ward from? Gareth’s birthplace is Durham and is based in Wales. 

Gareth Ward is a chef and owner of Ynishir Restaurant and Rooms. Here is everything to know about him.

From July 2013 to August 2016, Gareth Ward was the head chef at Ynishir restaurant and rooms. he became their Chef and owner only in 2016.

Located in Eglwys Fach, Gareth and his co-workers provide the best food in wales.

He was awarded the truly talented chef, Gareth the chef of the year 2019. He was also nominated for the National Restaurant Awards.

Gareth Ward: Where is His Birthplace?

Gareth was born in the country Durham ancient city of England. He was born and raised there.

In one of his interviews, he said that growing up in Durham he has no interest in the culinary and food business. 

He went to school and college but he never graduated from college. After he dropped college he started getting training for the profession

of chef and got very nice training. He has work experience of more than 20 years now.

Gareth Ward Age and Wikipedia

Currently, we are unaware of Gareth Ward’s exact birthdate. However, his age is around 40 years old. 

We will post it as soon as we get the information about it. But looking at his posts we can guess that he is in his late thirties.

Till now chef Gareth Ward hasn’t been featured on any Wikipedia page. It is surprising that a master class chef like him hasn’t got any page on the platform but we hope he will be featured soon.

Gareth Ward Wife and Children

According to the reports from Great British Chefs, Gareth Ward has a wife. He is married.

According to his Instagram posts, they also have one son. His name isn’t available at the moment but we hope we will be able to share it as soon as he shares it on Instagram.

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