Garry Siutz Stroke & Death

Who Is Garry Siutz From Sunrise? Cause Of Death Revealed

Who Is Garry Siutz From Sunrise? Cause Of Death Revealed

Garry Siutz stroke & death has saddened many in the television industry. Get to know details on his wife and family from here.

Garry is a famous makeup artist. He was working as the maker for hosts in Channel Seven’s breakfast television show Sunrise.

According to Dailymail, the veteran makeup artist passed away on Monday, 30, 2021. Here are some more details related to him

Garry Siutz Stroke & Death

Garry Siutz’s death cause is skin cancer.

Following his untimely death, the show host Natalie Barr led a tribute to him. She claimes he was living in her makeup room.

He was a hard worker who created magic at 4 am. Nevertheless was a very gentle human being, according to Natalie.

Additionally, she says that Siuz is the most talented artist she has met within her 3-decade career.

In his obituary, the channel crew added he was a fun and irrelevant personality. The channel will forever remember his contributions.

Who Is Garry Siutz From Sunrise? His Wikipedia

Garry Siutz has no Wikipedia bio.

He is a famous make-up artist—most notable for the Sunrise and The Morning Show.

Siutz was a passionate makeup artist and magician when it comes to hair.

He would transform mortals into angels with just a wave of his wand.

Garry is the owner of his own cosmetic brand GARRY SiUTZ SYDNEY.

The stylist was active on Twitter with the handle name “@garrysiutz.” The profile has amassed more than 584 followers to date.

His Age: How Old?

Garry Siutz’s age is not known.

However, judging by his photographs, he is probably in his forties.

Garry is active on the Instagram platform. His username is “@garrysiutz.”

Until today the account has earned more than 2.9 thousand followers.

Garry Siutz Wife? His Children

Garry Siutz is married to his wife, Leonie.

The couple remained together for a very long time.

They have two lovely children, namely, Kiya Siutz and Oscar Siutz. They currently reside in Sydney, Australia.

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