George Christensen Wife April Asuncion And Family Details To Know

Is George Christensen Married? Meet His Wife April Asuncion

Is George Christensen Married? Meet His Wife April Asuncion

George Christensen will now focus more on his wife after he announced not to run for reelection.

Well-known as a politician, George Christensen has been serving as a member of the Australian House of Representatives. Considered to be serving in the Liberal National Party, he has served for the Division of Dawson since 2010.

Previously, he was the Deputy Whip of the National Party for almost three years. For a year, he even served as the Chief Whip of the National Party.

Meet George Christensen Wife April Asuncion

George Christensen has been married to his beautiful wife named April Asuncion.

According to Wikipedia, the couple had tied the knot in 2019, but they hadn’t spent much time together because of George’s workload. As he has confirmed that he won’t run for reelection, he will be focused on his love life.

Allegedly, his wife April works at Ponytails. However, he has called these rumors to be defamatory. The two had first met in the Philippines in 2017. In fact, his wife is Filipino, and the couple does not have any children yet.

Currently, we do not have enough details about April‘s professional life. However, we can confirm that her husband’s work has separated them from living together, according to 9News Australia.

His Family Details To Know

George Christensen was born to a family of cane farmers.

In fact, his parents were third-generation farmers. Reportedly, he was born on June 38, 1971, in Mackay, Queensland, Australia. Since his ancestors had emigrated from Denmark in 1901, we can confirm that he still has Danish roots.

Despite being Australian, we can confirm his ethnicity as Danish-Australian. Furthermore, we have learned that both his parents were disability pensioners.

Even though we aren’t sure about the number of his siblings, we know that he is the eldest amongst all. After his term ends, he will be spending quality time with his family members and will also focus on the dysfunctional politics of Australia.

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