Gert De Jager Story Wikipedia, Age And Update: I Am All Girls

Gert De Jager Wikipedia Age: What’s His Story? Details Inside

Gert De Jager Wikipedia Age: What’s His Story? Details Inside

Is Gert De Jager story in Wikipedia unveiled? Learn more details on his age and update on I Am All Girls. 

Gert is a South African offender who was imprisoned in 1994 for child trafficking. 

Is Gert De Jager Story in Wikipeida?

No, Gert De Jager’s story in Wikipedia is unavailable.

However, the real story of six girls missing in Johannesburg, South Africa, has been made into a movie. 

The movie is titled ‘I Am All Girls’ and will be released on Netflix from May 14. 

The film is set in South Africa and tries to solve its heartland’s ongoing sex trafficking issue. 

The South African offender got imprisoned in 1994. He was a suspected pedophile and serial killer. 

Likewise, he is alleged to have kidnapped at least six girls between 1988 and 1989 with his accomplice Joey Haarhoff, and none of them have been found. 

According to The Cinemaholic, Gert and Joey are also suspect of kidnapping and murdering many more girls belonging to 9 and 16. 

What is Gert De Jager Age?

Gert De Jager’s age is not disclosed in any news.

However, he could be in his mid 60’s. 

Update on ‘I Am All Girls’

‘I Am All Girls’ is already streaming on Netflix. The movie is based on actual events and is a gritty South African suspense thriller. 

“In 1994 in Johannesburg, Gert de Jager abducted six girls who were never found. After he got caught, he confessed on tape. The apartheid government refused to release it.” 

According to Maverick Life, “Most of the girls were sold to Iranian sheiks in exchange for oil to bypass sanctions.” 

The suspense thriller movie follows a detective’s unwitting relationship with serial killers. Likewise, they both pursue a powerful global sex trafficking organization that deals with South African girls. 

In addition, this movie also seeks to bring South Africa to an international audience by imitating strong stylistic techniques from American crime thrillers and converting them into a South African story. 

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