Girl Cuts Her Arm On TikTok Video Is Viral

Reasonsrr Twitter Video: Girl Cuts Her Arm On TikTok Video Is Viral On Social Media

Reasonsrr Twitter Video: Girl Cuts Her Arm On TikTok Video Is Viral On Social Media

Reasonsrr Twitter Video: Girl Cuts Her Arm On TikTok Video has gone viral. The video has received massive attention and reactions from the public.

Likewise, a 12-year-old girl from England is also suing TikTok for inappropriate handling of private and sensitive data.

Well, TikTok is a popular social media platform that has gained a significant place in the modern world. But, the recent news questions regarding the privacy policy of TikTok.

Reasonnr Twitter Video

A social media user, Reasonnr Twitter video shows where a girl cuts her arm on Tiktok that went viral and made several headlines. It was a highly distributing and frightening video to see. Several people have complained about such a graphic video that is posted on TikTok.

Such videos if viewed by children and school going kids will get give a deadly and negative effect on their brain and well being. But the sad reality is that users will be continuing to use the videos like these on platforms like Tiktok where the video is posted and live, it does not take long to transfer across other different platforms.

Here pinpoint on the platforms such as TikTok is no a problem. A properly coordinated approach should be used where large social media houses should come together and work on such issues and solving them.

TikTok Faces Legal Action By 12-year-old London Girl

As per a BBC report, A 12-year-old girl from the UK is hoping to take legal action against TikTok, claiming the company has uses children’s data for unlawful purposes. The court has decided that the identity of the girl can remain undisclosed if the case moves forward.

The case is supported by Anne Longfield, the children’s commissioner for England. Further, Longfield believes that TikTok has broken and tampered with UK and EU data protection laws.

As of now, Ms. Longfield is waiting patiently for the conclusion of a data protection case against Google before deciding to case a file against TikTok. 

Meanwhile, TikTok is aware of the application and waiting for the High Court’s judgment. It has even stated that is not available to user under 13 years of age and all users are asked their exact age when signing up.

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