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Tan Roncal Twitter Video: Here Is Everything on The Drama

Tan Roncal Twitter Video: Here Is Everything on The Drama

Tan Roncal got mixed into a Scandal following a Twitter video. Roncal is a Filipino-Dutch celebrity.

He also joined the reality show Pinoy Big Brother and became one of the finalists.

Tan Roncal Scandal: Twitter Video Getting Exposed

Tan Roncal sparks controversy following a video scandal. 

He Tweeted on his Twitter on clarifying “Assumptions about me” which was posted on 5 May, and also premiered on the same night.

For most of the video, he has spoken in his own mother tongue which is the Filipino language. 

The video starts with the fans asking him 11 assumptions about him, and he responds to each one of them serially.

Check out the full video on his Youtube channel. 

He also has 3.16 subscribers on his Youtube channel, and he has just joined a month ago on April 21, 2021. This also explains he is very popular and has a huge fan following. 

Ronco Real Name And Wikipedia

Roncol real name is Christian Johannes Red Roncal. And he was born on 6 April 2004. His nationality is Filipino and Dutch.

Tan Roncol is a young 17-year-old, who has already achieved to be an actor, model, and television personality at a very young age. His debut started when he came public and joined the ABS-CBN reality show Pinoy Big Brother.

His looks compliment him as an actor and model. In addition, in spite of being very young, he seems hopeful and positive on all his projects which also explains his success in gaining a huge number of followers and doing well in his film and television. 

Tan Roncal Girlfriend Age

Tan Roncal girlfriend rumour started circling after he was linked alongside his co-star Ashley on the project “Pa-Mine Pare” which is produced by ABS-CBN TVDG and Starhunt.

There is no solid proof to explain their relationship as a real couple. However, Tan Roncal is seen sharing pictures of Ashely on special Valentine’s Day expressing their love with Cadbury Dairy Milk.

Rumoured girlfriend of Tan Roncol has no pictures of them together on her IG. Her IG handle is under the name lallainashley, and has 1.5m followers. 

Ashley was born on 13 September 2003. Currently, she is 17 years old. 

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