Go Lay Down Tiktok Song

Go Lay Down Tiktok Song – Meaning And Lyrics Explained

Go Lay Down Tiktok Song – Meaning And Lyrics Explained

Go Lay Down has been a most loved tik tok video especially by the Black community. Find out the Tiktok song meaning and its lyrics.

Naje’ also known as who_she_naje in her tiktok, has been a viral star. Before this particular video of hers got viral, she used to post songs about black history and songs of Lord Jesus Christ.

Naje’ is a Christian woman who loves Jesus and enjoys singing church songs. She finds peace in practicing her vocals and sharing them with the world. 

Go Lay Down Tiktok Song

This viral video was posted by Naje’ on May 3rd, 2021. Go lay down blew up the internet, and people started participating in the duet videos. People also started making remixes while adding their creative touch to it. 

At the moment, this song has over 61.4k likes and 2782 comments. Naje’ has 26.6k followers on tiktok. Her videos are loved by people close to Lord Jesus and connect with him through singing church choir songs to praise the Lord. 

Naje’ is a big follower of Jesus. She likes to keep Lord Jesus’s legacy alive by singing hymns and many other church songs. Naje’ believes in keeping her roots alive by following her passion for singing.


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Meaning and Lyrics Explained 

Here are the lyrics of the song below:

I’m about to go lay down

(Yea, yea)

Go lay down

Go-oh-oh-oh lay down 

I’m about to go lay down; I’m about to go lay down

Look at your neighbor, say – gooooo lay down

Go lay down 


Go lay down

Go lay down

Go lay down 

Hey, go lay down.

As the lyrics say, “I’m about to go lay down” and again says “Go lay down,” which means that I will sleep, take a nap, or rest. The whole song signifies that I am taking a rest, and so should you. 

This song has repeated lines, but it indeed has a deep meaning. Rest and sleep are some of the essential things in life. As humans, we need proper rest and sound sleep to charge ourselves up to do our tasks and daily work. 

Naje’ sings this song wholeheartedly under her blanket, all cuddled up and cozy. Her voice has a very charismatic aura which, no wonder, has touched so many people’s lives. 

This has made them realize that they have to “Go lay down” and take some rest!

Singing songs has been one of the types of meditation. Chanting, singing, and praying have been a great escape and joy for people to express their love and gratitude to God. 

This song, as the hashtag goes, #Ifeelweightless means stress-free. Stress is the leading cause of mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, and many more. 

It is high time for people to be aware of mental health issues. Also, the fact that mental health is as important as physical health. 

Naje’ has clearly stated to go lay down and rest while forgetting about any worries troubling us!

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