Golden Blondie Net worth – Le’Veon Bell Ex-Girlfriend Baby & Instagram

Who Is Le’Veon Bell Baby Mama Golden Blondie? Her Net Worth And Instagram

Who Is Le’Veon Bell Baby Mama Golden Blondie? Her Net Worth And Instagram

Golden Blondie garners thousands of net worth as an Instagram model. She is recognized as the ex girlfriend of Le’Veon Bell. Find out baby and Instagram details.

Le’Veon Bell recently had his baby with the Instagram model. This is his seventh child with six different women. Outrageous!

Golden Blondie Age

Golden Blondie age is not revealed.

The Instagram model has not revealed her exact date of birth, keeping her age and birthday details out of the public eye.

What is Golden Blondie’s Net Worth?

Golden Blondie’s net worth is also not revealed.

But she might have earned substantial earnings from her modeling career.

Although she is active on social media, she keeps her details private. But her real name is alleged to be Alexa Montgomery. The Instagram model is active on Instagram and has 34.3K followers as of 2021.

 She flaunts views of California, Germany, London, Paris and other beautiful places on her Instagram. It seems the model lives quite exotic life.

Does Le’Veon Bell’s Ex-Girlfriend Have a Baby?

Yes, Le’Veon Bell’s ex-girlfriend Golden Blondie had a baby recently.

This was the seventh child of Le’Veon Bell with six different women.

Golden has been open about her being a mother and shows her love with the posts of her baby on Instagram. She uploaded a picture with her daughter and wrote, ‘Put my daughter in your stomach had to double you.’

Golden Blondie Wikipedia

Golden Blondie though active on media, does not have her Wikipedia page.

But his ex-boyfriend Le’Veon has a Wikipedia page.

To talk something about Le’Veon, he is an American football player who plays as a Running Back. He was born February 18, 1992, in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. Bell has played for teams like New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs.

He was listed as the No. 211 running back in the nation in 2010.

He has an Instagram and a Twitter account but has not posted anything yet on Instagram. Golden and Bell are not together anymore despite having a baby together.

She posted the first picture of her baby girl on May 5, 2021. As per her post, she had written, “Won’t you be my sweet love for a lifetime. 05.04.21 💘🧸 #maythe4thbewithyou“.

Golden’s baby’s name is  Scotlyn Alana Bell. She has much love for her child. However, she was ghosted by her ex-boyfriend during the time of the birth.

Due to this reason, Blondie furiously took it to Instagram saying ‘He’s ‘The worst f**king human being on the planet’.

Golden wrote: “@leveonbell since you blocked me I guess we can talk on here because you only care what the public thinks! You’re the worst f***ing human being on the planet you can’t even call yourself a man when you barely take care of the kids you do claim and pick and choose which ones to claim!”

She continued: “Oh and we can dead the narrative I choose to be baby mama #6 because I never knew that. I would have ran for the hills!! But I guess that’s why you had to go get a dumb underaged b**ch after me I let you slide for a minute tryna keep it cool but now the world can know what a terrible person you are!” and continued.

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