GOP Candidate Sean Parnell Wiki, Age, Wife, Net Worth

GOP Candidate Sean Parnell

GOP Candidate Sean Parnell

Sean Parnell is a GOP candidate who is a congressional candidate for the 17th district in Pennsylvania in the upcoming election in the USA. Parnell is a veteran who fought in Afghanistan and because of that, he is launching a pro-war, pro-military campaign. He claims to have a better knowledge of the war than people in tables and part of that is true and wants more money spent in the military rather than social security.

He fits the mold of a Republican idealogy and that’s why he is competing on the election as a Republican. Parnell is said to be one of the favorite candidates of President Trump and I don’t know how I could think that’s positive. He is spreading a message of unity in his speech but to what end? He wants leaders to work with Trump which has seemed to be an impossible task in that last 4 years.

Name Sean Parnell
Age 40-45 years
Gender Male
Height 5 feet 10 inches (Approx)
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Author/Politician
Married/Single Unknown
Twitter @SeanParnellUSA

10 Facts About Sean Parnell

  1. Sean Parnell is a man in his mid-40s or at least in his early 40s but we can’t say how old he is with absolute confidence.
  2. We have no idea where Sean was born in and the details about his childhood.
  3. Parnell completed his tour in Afganistan and recollected his experiences in a memoir called “Outlaw Platoon”.
  4. Parnell is a believer in Christianity and wears his faith in his sleeve. He is openly Catholic.
  5. Parnell is a very proud American citizen and trying to be a congressman right now.
  6. Sean is fighting against Democrat candidate Conor Lamb in the upcoming election who he thinks can be easily won.
  7. Parnell started being a bit famous when his book was launched in 2012.
  8. We have no idea what his net worth but he might have to show his tax returns as he is in the race for congress.
  9. Sean Parnell is a man of Caucasian ethnic background.
  10. Parnell has 155 thousand Twitter followers.

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