Grace Ransom Wikipedia, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Instagram

Grace Ransom

Grace Ransom

Grace Ransom is a beautiful young American actress and that’s the only thing most people know about her. We aren’t trying to be shallow and say that her looks are what she’s known for but that’s what visible to the public eyes, I am sure she is beautiful in the inside but we have far less opportunity to see that. Ransom has acted in very few movies and TV shows. It’s safe to say that she’s an emerging star.

She has acted in shows such as Chicago Meds and Chicago Justice. We don’t know a lot about her life because she is a private person and keeps things about her life to herself. She hasn’t bagged a role in something huge that could really take her career to the next level but shes dedicated and trying to do that.

Name Grace Ransom
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Actress
Married/Single in a relationship
Instagram graceransom_

10 Facts On Grace Ransom

  1. Grace Ransom looks like she’s very young. However, we have to confess, we don’t know her actual age.
  2. Similarly, we are unable to find out her date of birth, her place of birth, or her zodiac sign.
  3. She stands at a normal height but we don’t have the exact numbers to share with you guys. She hasn’t talked about her height on any media sites.
  4. Ransom is known for just 3 roles in her acting career. Check out her IMDB profile to know about those.
  5. She’s just an upcoming star which means she could not have a lot of net worth.
  6. We can confirm that she is madly in love with her boyfriend but his name is unknown.
  7. She does not have her own Wikipedia site. That’s why gathering info about her life is hard.
  8. Ransom has 1147 followers on her Instagram account.
  9. She loves horseback riding and shares pictures of her riding horses often.
  10. Grace has received an education but again, she hasn’t really said which college or school she went to.

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