GRVMNT World of Dance: Nationality, Ages, Members Bio

GRVMNT is a group of young dancers from Canada. They are currently competing for the best in the NBC dancing reality show, World of Dance. The impressive dancing group has already made into the semis and looking to get away with the trophy. 

Moreover, the group consists of 11 members, They are very young but possess some serious dancing skills. They have left the judges speechless after their performance in Eminem’s Godzilla. The Vancouver natives are really the favorites to win the show. They have represented Canada in the World Hip-Hop championships before. Here is everything you’d want to know about this successful and talented dance group. 

Age 11- 17 years
Nationality Canandian
Profession Dancers
Instagram @GRVMNT_official

10 Facts on GRVMNT

  1. GRVMNT is a group of dancers who are competing in the NBC reality show, World of Dance. 
  2. Moreover, their nationality is Canadian. They hail all the way from Vancouver, Canada. 
  3. Likewise, the members are of different ages but all of them are very young. All of them are in the age range of 11 to 17 years. 
  4. Similarly, the dance group consists of 11 members. They are all from Canada. 
  5. However, the dancers do not have a Wikipedia biography till now. But they do deserve one and perhaps will be dedicated to one after the show closes.
  6. The members’ bio can be found in an article by Cinemaholic. 
  7. GRVMNT is the dancing group that follows the Hip-Hop and modern genre. They competed for head to head with another Canadian group, The Young Cast.
  8. Furthermore, GRVMNT has represented Canada in the World Hip-Hop championships before. Hence, they are not new in the business. 
  9. More than individual talents, the dance group is more impressive as a whole. Even though they do not have standout dancers individually, the group is a bliss to watch. 
  10. They can be accessed via an Instagram account which has around 10k followers already.

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    First, we want to say a huge congratulations to everyone that competed in yesterday’s episode; you all are amazing and extremely talented! 😁Second, we want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us throughout our World of Dance journey. Although our time has come to an end, we are extremely grateful for all the friendships and memories we have made; thank you @nbcworldofdance for giving us this amazing opportunity. Thank you everyone for your supportive and loving words, it really means the world to us, we love you all. 💙This is not the end for us… we are just getting started. GRVMNT is a family and we will continue to do what we love… dance. • Cannot forget to give a special thank you to @mdogillo @cezarfreshgroovetantoco for all they’ve done for us. Thank you for believing in us and always pushing us to be the best we can be. Also to @nicoleoleoleeee @jeznisperos @sonia_says @lbellec, thank you for the help and inspiration you provide to all of us. AND all the parents, especially @sj_kingkong @joy_ever_after for providing us with everything we need to stay heathy during practices: massages, food, water, ice… etc. We love all of you 💙 • #grvmnt #grvmnt™ #nbcworldofdance #nbcworldofdanceseason4 #hiphop #dance

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