Guy Shoot Himself on Live Stream 2020

TikTok Ronnie Mcnutt: Guy Shoot Himself on Live Stream 2020

TikTok Ronnie Mcnutt: Guy Shoot Himself on Live Stream 2020

Ronnie Mcnutt did an extremely sad and horrifying thing on the internet. Ronnie was live-streaming his video through Facebook and after a while, he just took a shotgun and in a very surprising move, he shot his skull open.

For whatever reasons he had, Ronnie thought it was a great idea to do that. Well, how does TikTok associate with that event- one could ask. I am going to tell you how. Some people on TikTok are making videos on that subject and milking it for the sake of views.

The video was first posted on a platform called “Hoodsite” which is all about showing crime videos to their followers. The site claims to post uncensored videos of crimes on their Twitter and they are rigid in their ideology.

TikTok Ronnie Mcnutt

Ronnie Mcnutt did not have a TikTok account and was in no way associated with TikTok. Ronnie took his life on Facebook live. The video of him shooting himself was shared on the website of Hoodsite.

But yesterday, on September 6, it was again posted on the Twitter account of the HoodSite. There are some people on Tiktok making content around this topic. TikTok is where children are goofing around with their dances and it could be very disturbing for them.

I searched for the video related to Ronnie Mcnutt all over TikTok but it was nowhere to be found.


Uma pessoa sem apoio, Sem Emprego, Término de relacionamento, semdo dispejado de seu apartamento.. Sem nenhum apoio moral! ##ronniemcnutt ##viral ##fy

♬ quem usar esse áudio é depressivo – chasee_entregador


This was one of the videos I found on the TikTok and it’s not that graphic. Actually, its just a condolence video made by a random TikTok user. This is an acceptable video.

However, there are “meme-makers” who are already making “coffin dance ” videos about Ronnie Mcnutt which is really insensitive.

Ronnie Mcnutt Killed Himself On Facebook Live

Ronnie Mcnutt was having some personal problems. I mean we all have problems but Ronnie was going through something really terrible. He spoke at his father’s funeral last year. His father dying must have been really hard for him.

He had recently lost his job and girlfriend according to rumors on the internet. I don’t know if that’s actually true or some storyline created by people. But, he was going through something horrible.

His friend Alexis Tangman has tweeted out how it was traumatic for him and his friends to witness his friend’s suicide. He says that people who are sharing the video and passing it around are absolutely disgraceful.

I have to admit I somehow am feeling guilty writing this article but I am trying to be really respectful about the man’s legacy and acknowledging it was a tragic thing that happened.

Ronnie Mcnutt Live Stream Suicide Video Explained

I am going to warn you about this video. It is very graphic and violent. Here’s a guy who blew his brains out with a shotgun on live Facebook. 

And when he shoots himself, a sound plays on the video which is like “the end segment of news on TV”. It looks like something out of “Joker”. But this is not a film. It’s real-life with real consequences and an actual person with heartbeats has killed himself.

Now, I am going to warn you guys just how graphic this video is. If you can’t stand the sight of blood, it’s best for you to not see this video.

May he rest in peace.

Outrage Over The Video Being Shared

Ronnie’s friends are very saddened about this incident and I know it’s a very hard thing for them to go through- not a lot of people lose their friends over a live video.

There are people making videos to say how disgraceful it is that everyone is sharing this over the internet. It’s very sad what happened and I just have no other words but prayers for Ronnie Mcnutt and his family.


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