Gyasi Ross Wikipedia Age, Wife And Net Worth

Who Is Gyasi Ross? Meet The Author On Cross Connection

Who Is Gyasi Ross? Meet The Author On Cross Connection

Who is Gyasi Ross? He is a multi dimensional personality specialized as a singer author and lawyer.

Ross is one of the most profound speakers of the Native American issues in the United States. He has written books, released songs, and spoken on events to raise awareness on the topic.

Gyasi Ross Wikipedia

Gyasi Ross does have a Wikipedia biography.

Gyasi is a singer, author, lawyer, and motivational speaker. He is popular as the writer of the book titled “Don’t Know Much About Indians” (2011).

Gyasi Age – Is He Indian?

Gyasi Ross seems around the age of his late 30s year old.

The attorney graduated from Columbia Law School. Before that, he attended 6 other institutes to prepare for his higher studies. 

Gyasi Ross is of Indian aka Native American ethnicity.

He currently resides in Port Madison Indian Reservation, located near Seattle. Similarly, he an outspoken activist in the area. 

Meet Gyasi Ross Wife and Family

Gyasi Ross has not disclosed his wife yet.

Despite his public image, Gyasi is actually very secretive about his personal life. This might be due to his activist personality, which puts his close relatives at risk of stalkers. 

But, we do know that Ross is a loving father and shares a very close bond with his children.Ross’s family are of Blackfeet and Suquamish tribes. In fact, his background has motivated the author to raise his voice for native Americans. 

How Much Net Worth Does Gyasi Own?

Gyasi yields a decent net worth from his career.

His last book, How to Say I Love You in Indian (2014), was a great success. Similarly, Gyasi is also a regular contributor to The Huffington Post and Indian Country Today. In Jan 2021, he appeared on The Cross Connection with Tiffany Cross. He mainly addressed the subject of racial inequality in the segment.  

Ross released a spoken word album titled Isskootsik, or Before Here Was Here, in 2015. Likewise, the track is also available on iTunes. You can follow him on Instagram as @bigindiangyasi. He has amassed over 15.9k followers on his IG handle.

Moreover, his Twitter handle is @BigIndianGyasi. 

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