Gylfi Sigurdsson Arrested Or Rumors

Gylfi Sigurdsson Arrested Or Rumors – Is He In Jail?

Gylfi Sigurdsson Arrested Or Rumors – Is He In Jail?

Twitter has gone wild claiming Gylfi Sigurdsson was arrested. Despite the rumors, Sigurdsson is not in jail. 

Everton footballer Sigurdsson plays as an attacking midfielder. Reportedly, the Icelander’s contract with the Merseyside team is supposed to end in June 2022.

However, recent rumors suggest that Everton might release him. In fact, the Blues are trying to sign Andros Townsend as his replacement.

Is Footballer Gylfi Sigurdsson Arrested?

There is no official news regarding Gylfi Sigurdsson being arrested.

Nevertheless, Twitter users believe that the police arrested the footballer on July 17, 2021. However, not even a single official source has verified it.

So, we can’t really say if Gylfi has been arrested right now. Hopefully, official news will be posted soon.

Learn About Gylfi Sigurdsson Rumors

As a footballer, Gylfi Sigurdsson has always been a subject of rumors.

Recent rumors believe that Sigurdsson was under police custody. His last post on Instagram was 5 weeks ago.

Indeed, he hasn’t been seen anywhere since then. As Iceland didn’t qualify for the EURO 2020, he was probably on a vacation with his family members.

Moreover, we aren’t aware if he knows these rumors. We are excited to find out his reaction and are waiting for him to respond to these rumors.

One of the Twitter users, Roman Cook believes that the rumors are all nonsense. Indeed, there are no official statements to prove that Sigurdsson was arrested.

Another rumor says that he is set to leave Everton. Currently, his annual salary is £5.2 million, and his net worth is about £45.6 million.

Is Everton Gylfi Sigurdsson In Jail?

Everton’s Gylfi Sigurdsson is apparently not in prison.

Since we aren’t able to prove the facts that he was arrested, we do not believe that he is in jail. Most probably, somebody just wants to get attention by his name.

Right now, we have nothing to share about his arrest charges. Hopefully, an update on this news will clarify everything.

Gylfi Sigurdsson Nonce Explained

Rumors are saying that Gylfi Sigurdsson is a nonce.

Reportedly, he had been texting kids for a long period of time. Moreover, some rumors even say that he was arrested for fraudulently impersonating a 50 million pound footballer.

Furthermore, he had been texting some young girls. However, nobody has come forward to open such allegations.

Indeed, everybody is shocked to find out Sigurdsson is a nonce. Nevertheless, these might just be rumors as an official statement is yet to be released.

Meet Sigurdsson Wife

Gylfi Sigurdsson is married to his wife, Alexandra Ivarsdottir.

We can confirm that Alexandra has recently deleted her Instagram account. However, we are unsure if she deleted it after her husband’s recent rumors.

Most probably, she doesn’t want any public intention. Moreover, she is pregnant and is expecting a twin.

Speaking more about his family, Sigurdsson’s brother-in-law died in September 2020. According to The Sun, he passed away after accidentally shooting himself.

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