Hailey Dunn Mother Billie Dunn, Wikipedia & Cause Of Death

Hailey Dunn Mother Billie Dunn And Cause Of Death – Was She Found?

Hailey Dunn Mother Billie Dunn And Cause Of Death – Was She Found?

Hailey Dunn mother Billie Dunn is now relieved for the arrest of her daughter murder. Who killed her? Let us find out.

Hailey was widely known as the daughter of Billie Dunn. She lived with her mom, Billie, 35, and her brother David in Colorado City, Texas, reported by Chilling Crimes. 

Moreover, She was disappeared on December 27, 2010. She was last seen with her mother’s boyfriend, Shawn Adkins.

Whatsoever, he was a prime suspect for her murder. 

Meet Hailey Dunn Mother Billie Dunn

Hailey Dunn has a mother named Billie Dunn and a father named Clint. 

Billie had a volatile relationship with Shawn. Though she was married, she had extramarital affairs with Shawn. Perhaps, Billie and her husband, Clint, were divorced.

As per the source, Hailey was friendly and a cheerleader in school. At the time of her disappearance, she was 13 years old.

Hailey Wikipedia Biography

Hailey has no official page on Wikipedia.

But we can get to know her a little on news portals and documentaries. 

Her missing case has been a hot topic since day one. 

As per the reports from KTXS, Billie’s boyfriend Shawn Adkins was arrested as a person of interest for murdering a 13-year-old teenage girl. Adkins is in Howard County jail on two million US dollars bond.

Her Cause Of Death Revealed

Hailey Dunn’s cause of death is yet to reveal on the web. 

Indeed, Hailey’s family is relieved after hearing the news of Shawn’s arrest. Though he was a suspect from the first, there was no proper evidence to take him on remand. 

Was She Found? Case Update

Hailey Dunn’s remains were found in 2013. 

Police investigate and send the remaining parts to the bureau. Through dental records, they came to know that the body was none other than Hailey. 

Hailey’s case was about to close because Shawn has been arrested, and slowly the truth will come out.

A hiker found her skull, blue warms ups, and a femur. After years of investigation, the missing case has finally been solved.

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