Haneen Hossam TikTok Age, Instagram, Bio, Height

Haneen Hossam TikTok Age: 10 Facts You Should Know About

Haneen Hossam TikTok Age: 10 Facts You Should Know About

Social media like TikTok can often be troublesome. While the app is a mere social media app to share short video clips, users have come to violate one or two rules on the app lately.

An Egyptian lady by the name Haneen Hossam is having law issues following her TikTok videos.  One of her TikTok videos is said to encourage young women to meet up with men and build friendships all through a video sharing social app.

Name Haneen Hossam
Age 20 years old
Gender Female
Nationality Egyptian
Ethnicity White
Profession TikTok Star
Education Cairo University
Instagram hanenhosaamofficiall
Twitter @Haneen__Hossam

That TikTok video of Haneen didn’t go well with the Egyptian officials. As per reports, Haneen and four other TikTok users are being held guilty by the government of Egypt.

Here are some interesting facts about TikToker Haneen Hossam you might want to know.

10 Facts On Haneen Hossam

  1. Haneen Hossam is a TikTok star and social media influencer who recently rose to fame through one of her TikTok videos that suggest young women make friends with men through a video sharing app.
  2. Hossam along with other four Egyptian women is sentenced to five years of jail for violating public morals.
  3. Haneen is also fined $18,750.
  4. Born in Egypt, Haneen is an Egyptian national. Her ethnicity is white.
  5. The detail about Haneen’s birthday is not published in the media. As per reports, she is currently 20 years of age.
  6. As seen on her social media pictures, Haneen has an attractive height. She could be as tall as 5 feet or so. Her weight is missing.
  7. Haneen is a student at Cairo University.
  8. There’s nothing much about her bio on the web.
  9. It is not clear if Haneen has a boyfriend or is single in 2020.
  10. She is also active on social medial like Instagram and Twitter. Her Twitter page has 326 followers and her Instagram page has 13.6k followers.

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