Hannah Roberts Transgender Male Or Female? Wife, Age And Parents

BMX USA, Hannah Roberts Gender Questions – Man Or Woman?

BMX USA, Hannah Roberts Gender Questions – Man Or Woman?

Many people confuse Hannah Roberts being transgender, male or female. Well, yes, she is transgender and was born a man. Learn more.

Hannah Roberts is an American world champion BMX rider. Currently, she is busy at the Tokyo Olympics. 

She had started riding BMX when she was only 9 years old. Her cousin  Brett Banasiewicz, a top BMX rider of the U.S.A., played the role of Hannah’s mentor. 

Like her cousin, she has already reached the pinnacle of her success. Entering her first BMX competition from 2012 to now, Hannah has won many championships and titles.

Previously, she competed at China FISE World Series 2017, where she got her first world champion title. In 2017, she won the second world title. 

Despite her success in sports, many people raise her sexuality over her competitions and wins. Many argue that she was born as a man, so it is unfair for her to compete as a woman. 

Hannah Roberts Transgender Male Or Female? 

Hannah Roberts’s sexuality appears to be transgender rather than male or female. Many argue that she was born a man, while some deny the fact. 

However, she does not have a straight sexual orientation. Despite being appeared as a woman and competing in women’s events, Hannah is not a complete woman.

Her physical appearance also is like a man’s. It is almost impossible for the public to see her in women’s attire. 

Hannah has not talked about whether she was born male or female, but she has a boyish personality. Moreover, she recently got married to her girl best friend. This makes clears that she is not a complete female or woman.

Transgender rider, Chelsea Wolfe, is now rocking the Olympics. 

Meet Hannah Roberts Partner – Wife or Husband

Hannah Roberts’s wife appears to be her best friend, Kelsey Miller. Hannah Roberts does not identify as straight, so there is no chance of a husband.

She had proposed her best friend to be her life partner on November 27, 2020, as her Instagram post. They tied their knot in a simple ceremony on January 6, 2021. They both seem to be friends for a long time. Also, they look cute together. 

Hannah Roberts Age

Hannah Roberts’s age is now 19 years old. She was born on August 10, 2001, in South Bend, Indiana. 

Her zodiac sign appears to be Leo. She had started to ride BMX when she was only 9 years old. Despite her tall and bit chubby figure, she is rocking the BMX riding.

Meet Her Parents

Hannah Roberts’s parent is Betty Roberts. There is no much information about her father and mother. 

Talking about her family, her cousin Brett Banasiewicz is also a champion BMX rider. Furthermore, there is no information about her siblings. 

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