Harold Hunter Death Cause Revealed: Kid 90 Doc Wikipedia

Who Was Harold Hunter From Kid 90? Death Cause Revealed

Who Was Harold Hunter From Kid 90? Death Cause Revealed

Harold HunterKid 90 Death Cause, How did he die? We will disclose everything about the life of the late skater.

Harold Hunter was a popular American skateboarder and actor. He rose to fame after his photo was published in Thrasher magazine in 1989. Likewise, he also worked as an actor. Unfortunately, Harold suffered an untimely demise in 2006. 

Harold Hunter Death Cause Revealed

Harold Hunter death cause was revealed as a Cocaine-induced heart attack.

On February 17, 2006, Harlod’s brother, Ronald, found him lifeless at his apartment in New York. The news left the world in shock and dismay. Likewise, his body was buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx. 

Even after his death, Harold continues to live in the heart of his fans. In 2007, his friends and family founded the Harold Hunter Foundation (HHF). Today, the non-profit organization serves to help potential NYC youth skateboarders. 

Harold is Featured in Kid 90 Doc

The new doc series, Kid 90, featured Harold Hunter in their movie.

In 1995, Harold Hunter began his movie career. Similarly, his debut role includes his portrayal of Harold in Kids. Furthermore, Hunter’s notable works include Mind Games (1996), Frenzo Smooth (1999), and On the Roads with Judas (1997).

However, Harlod went under severe unemployment during his last days. In fact, he was also involved in drug abuse and other controversies. This finally took his life, and the rest is history. 

Harold Hunter Wikipedia: Meet Harold Hunter Parents 

Harold Hunter also has a Wikipedia bio. 

Born on February 17, 2006, Harold was a young age of 31 years old when he died. Likewise, Harold Hunter was raised in New York by his parents. Furthermore, he has two brothers. 

His wife and children inherited Harold Hunter’s vast net worth. The actor was married to his spouse, Jacqueline T. Hunter. Jacqueline works at the Xavier University of Louisiana. Moreover, Hunter has two children: Micki and Harold Jr.

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