Harry Dank In Olympics – Nancy Bird Boyfriend Age And Net Worth

Olympics Just Gave A Viral Moment – Who Is Harry Dank, Sue Bird Mom’s Boyfriend?

Olympics Just Gave A Viral Moment – Who Is Harry Dank, Sue Bird Mom’s Boyfriend?

Harry Dank in Olympics is currently trending on the internet after the opening ceremony of Tokyo Olympics. Here’s why.

Harry Dank is the boyfriend of Nancy Bird, who is the mother of Team USA’s Sue Bird. Sue Bird is Sue is a part of USA’s Basketball team in the Tokyo Olympics.

Sue was even the flag bearer for USA in the opening ceremony.

Harry Dank In Olympics

Harry Dank is currently trending on the internet.

During the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics, Harry and his girlfriend were seen live on NBC. They were enjoying their daughter carry the flag of their country.

What happened next, however, was completely unexpected for Harry.

Following the airing of the live show, people started tweeting about the man. There have been more than 1500 tweets about the viral star.

One of the tweets read, “This man is a national treasure.” while the other said, “I’m [starting] a new religion around Harry Dank. The central pillars are recliners, USA basketball, and smiling very slightly on national television.”

I guess people started to relate to his attitude and lack of self-awareness while being on live television. He sure looked quite chill during the event.

People have even started making memes about the man. One of the famous memes is the comparison of his picture with the meme of Bernie Sanders that went viral earlier this year.

Nancy Bird Boyfriend Age

Nancy Bird’s boyfriend is the viral man himself, Harry Dank whose age still remains a mystery.

We do not have any information about her boyfriend as of now. We do not even know the age of Nancy Bird, herself.

However, we do know that Sue Bird is 40 years old, being one of the oldest members of the USA Basketball team.

How Much Is Nancy Bird Boyfriend Net Worth?

Even though Nancy Bird’s boyfriend is currently all over the internet, we do not know what his net worth is.

It is difficult to make an assumption as we do not what he does for a living or if he is retired.

We do know, nonetheless, that Sue Bird has a total net worth that lies between $5 million to $8 million.

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