Harry Skelton Jockey Age Wife And Net Worth: Is He Married? 2019

Who is Jockey Harry Skelton? Who is he married to?

Who is Jockey Harry Skelton? Who is he married to?

Looking at Harry Skelton’s age, it’s unbelievable that he managed three wins in his last six races.

With his relentless form, Harry Skelton is getting closer to Brian Hughes’s title-race lead. On Wednesday, he had started three behind Brian, but he closed the gap at the end of the day. However, the reigning champion still sits at the top of the table.

Harry Skelton Age: How Old Is He?

According to a 2019 report by Express, he was 29 years old. Thus, we can confirm that Harry Skelton’s current age is 31 years old.

However, he has not provided us with his birthday details yet. Despite his growing age, he has shown the world how good he is with his horses. 

Skelton Wife: Is He Married?

Harry Skelton’s wife is Bridget Andrews. The couple got married in 2019.

Speaking about Bridget, even she is a jockey just like her husband. They are not blessed with any children yet. However, they do pet two dogs and are proud parents of them.

Harry Skelton Net Worth Explored

Currently, we have not been able to fetch the exact amount of Harry Skelton’s current net worth.

However, we can be assured that his net worth is around the thousands.

Along with that, we do not know about Harry’s salary. But he indeed gets paid after each race. Hopefully, his earnings are going to increase in the coming years.

Everything On Jockey Harry Skelton

As a professional jockey, Harry Skelton has been currently competing in the National Hunt Jockeys’ Championship.

Currently, he is sponsored by Morson International.

Moving on to Harry’s family, he was born to Nick Skelton and Sarah Skelton. He has a brother named Daniel Skelton, who is also a professional jockey and trainer. In fact, Daniel handles and places his horses.

We can find the jockey on Instagram and Twitter, where he has earned 14.1 thousand and 21.2 thousand followers, respectively.

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