Has Froot done Face Reveal? Age Real Name and Net Worth

Has Froot done Face Reveal? Age and Real Name Explored

Has Froot done Face Reveal? Age and Real Name Explored

Froot has not done her face reveal yet. The streamer is also yet to mention her real name. Learn more about her.

Froot is a VTuber from England. She is associated with VShojo, a Vtuber company from the United States.

Has Froot done Face Reveal?

Froot’s face is yet to be uncovered. Her fans are still waiting to witness her real appearance.

As for her look, she uses a profile picture of an anime character in her social media accounts. In fact, she reportedly designed the character herself.

Froot’s character has an appearance like a human. She bears pointed ears with silvery hair. Furthermore, she has got four horn-like structures that curl backward from her head.

In addition, the character has got a pair of greenish and large eyes. Also, the pointed chin and pointy nose add beauty to her look.

On the other hand, Froot has got a pair of wings that resemble much to those of bats. Also, she wears black shorts and gloves with no fingers.

Similarly, Froot’s friend Zentreya also has not displayed her actual mug yet. It seems the female Vtubers prefer keeping their real look private from their fans.

Also, it is not clear how long the fans will have to wait until they can see Froot in real. But it does not seem to be happening anytime soon.

Froot Age Explored – How Old Is She?

Froot’s age is much of a mystery for now. She had not revealed how old she is as of now.

Besides, Froot has her birthday celebrations on the 22nd of October each year. But her exact date of birth has not surfaced on the internet yet.

Furthermore, it is impossible to guess her maturity from her appearance as it is also concealed at the moment.

Interestingly, Froot is less than a year old in the Twitch community. She debuted on November 27, 2020.

What is Froot Real Name?

Froot’s actual name is still in darkness. She is mostly known for her online name.

Besides, Froot uses the name Apricot the Lich in her social media and streaming platforms. She has the initial on her Twitch and Twitter account.

Some streaming fans call her Lich too. But Froot, like most other Vtubers, has kept her identity a secret.

Froot Net Worth Exposed

Froot’s net worth must be huge for sure. She makes quite a good fortune out of her online activities.

Froot is on Twitch with over 223k followers. Also, she has more than 106k subscribers on her Youtube channel.

Likewise, she earns over $1.6k in a month from her Patreon site.

Froot probably does not have a girlfriend as it seems. She has not made any words about her dating life.

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