Haven Garner Warren Wikipedia, Age, Height, Instagram, Net-Worth, Parents

Haven Garner Warren

Haven Garner Warren

Haven Garner Warren is one of the three children of the popular Hollywood actress, Jessica Alba. That’s the only reason this young lady is so famous. She has not been in any movies to date and really hasn’t done anything to make her famous. It’s just that her mother is outrageously famous and a little bit of that fame has affected her life as well.

Despite her young age, she has been already famous. Magazines and entertainment bloggers like me seem to can’t catch a break and bombard with a lot of content about her life when she really hasn’t lived much yet. She has been shot by paparazzi and I have to say her pictures are always cute and she is very well behaved.

Name Haven Garner Warren
Birthday August 13, 2011
Age 09
Gender Female
Nationality American
Parents Jessica Alba, Cash Warren
Siblings Hayes and Honor
Tiktok @warrenfamilykids

10 Facts On Haven Garner Warren

  1. Haven Garner Warren is currently 9 years old. She’s at that cute age where her teeth are falling and is curious about a thousand different things.
  2. She was born on August 13, 2011, as a second child of Jessica Alba and was named Haven Garner Warren.
  3. If you care to know her birth sign, it’s Leo.
  4. Haven Garner Warren is so beautiful and famous already that she might get featured on Wikipedia in the future just like her parents.
  5. We don’t really know what her height is. She is just 9 years old and will continue to grow taller and taller now.
  6. Her father is a producer known as Cash Warren who got married to Jessica Alba in 2008.
  7. She has 2 other siblings. An older sister named Honor and a younger brother called Hayes. She loves them both very much.
  8. She doesn’t have any earnings yet which is why we can’t say what her net worth is.
  9. Warren doesn’t have an Instagram account.
  10. She is seen on her mother’s Instagram which has 18 million followers.

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